2010 Bontor Trophy

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The Bontor Trophy is the annual Men vs. Ladies singles match play event.

The two Captains go head-to-head. The remaining matches are drawn in strict handicap order.  The Captains usually play in the first game and other games go out in any order.

As in regular match play, the higher handicapper receives an allowance of the full difference between the handicaps of the two players. The handicaps shall be adjusted if necessary for any stroke allowances that may be relevant for mixed competitions (click here for details). Any shots are taken against the Men's stroke indices.

The Bontor Trophy is awarded on the day of the event to the winning Captain (Honours Board). No further prizes are awarded, although it has been known for a Wooden Spoon to find its way to the man who loses by the largest margin.

The course and tee time are to be advised.

Match Report
Report by Veronica Mitchell

On a sunny day in July, the annual grudge match between the Men and the Ladies took place on the Dukes course.

The Bontor trophy has traditionally been played in good humour, but the competitive fighting spirit often takes over as no competitor want to let the side down.

A fantastic turnout saw sixteen matches battled it out for the beautiful ‘coveted’ trophy. The men were very competitive and insisted on allowing the ladies only one extra shot. The ladies rose to the challenge and won 9 – 7.

An excellent spread provided by the ladies was enjoyed by all.

Winners:  Ladies 9-7

Overall Score:  Men 53 - Ladies 19 - Draw 1


Saturday 24 July
Duke's Course

Veronica Mitchell 1-0 Gurpal Sekhon
Sheena Harrington 1- Paul Doran
Alison Chadwick 2- Lee Eden
Susan Smith 2-1 James Deissler
Maureen Slade 3-2 Tim Meyer
Lia Donath 3-3 Richard Owen
Kate Emmanuel 4-3 John Morris
Cheryl Woodhouse 5-3 Toby Hunt
Johanna Doyle 6-3 Paul Grand
Christine Brazier 6-4 Steve Cross
Doreen Dolby 6-4 Peter Harrington
Ann Gardner 7-5 John Ritchie
Jini Beacham 8-5 Tony Kopczak
(walk over)
Sonia Inniss 8-6 Arthur Dolby
Fiona Coombe 9-6 Peter Jagger
Debra Dempster 9-7 Danny Deprez
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