Rickmansworth Friendly
Competition Details

The Men's Section plays a friendly match against Rickmansworth Golf Club every year consisting of separate home and away legs.

For further information, contact the Captain Jon Cooper

26 July

Away Leg
Report by Paul Brown

Result: 3-3
Overall result: 7-5 win

for the first time in Seven Year's our Men's Team returned from Rickmansworth with the "Tricky Ricky" Cup. This is an annual match with both an away and home leg, which our boys won 7-5 !

An outstanding effort by some quality golfers in both fixtures! At one stage in the match the Rickmansworth Captain commented that he thought we had forgotten what the cup looked like! As you can imagine this was all the inspiration our Men's Team needed :-) . Awesome Guys !

Click here for a photo taken the weekend after of the elusive Cup with many of the team to play the home or away legs.

21 June

Home Leg
Report by Paul Brown

Result: 4-2 Win

In one of the clubs oldest rivalries and fixtures we are once again attempting to bring the Cup back to the RPGC trophy cabinet. This is a feat which has alluded us for far too many years. In fact the away team Captain commented that he felt we probably had forgotten what it looked like!

Well needless to say in response to this challenge our Guys played with a courage that would make us all proud to be RPGC members.

The home leg, played on a tough Dukes course, ended 4 -2 in our favour. A heroic effort which sets us up nicely for a very tricky return to the notorious (as Peter would say) "tricky Ricky" in the away leg. This could be our year!