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30 December

Midweek Sweep

Conditions were such that three temporary greens were in play so it was not a qualifier for handicap purposes. But they were clearly suited to Richard Owen with 37 points and a ‘Two’. Manuel Hernandez 36 and Jon Cooper 33 took 2nd and 3rd places. Results...

27 December

Stableford Sweep

Whilst dry, conditions proved very muddy for competitors burning Xmas calories. The leader board became crowded with 35 points with Pete Harrison leading on count-back from Habe Crocker, Toby Hunt and Roger Rojas. CSS remained at SSS 36 points. It was still warm enough to enjoy a festive drink al fresco. Results...

23 December

Midweek American Greensomes

Muddy conditions prevailed despite another mild day. This was reflected in the competition being ‘reduction only’.
Colin Pizzey and Toby Hunt returned 34s with Colin the winner on count-back. Captain Paul Brown was third on 33 with best lady Cheryl Woodhouse 29. Results...

20 December

American Greensomes

Dry and mild conditions greeted festively bedecked competitors although there were some unexpected sprinkles during the round. On the day, close teamwork between Jim Deissler and Paul Grand earned victory with 43 points (off ladies’ scorecard) – three clear from Ross Hood and Paul Rockett. Four pairs vied for third position with Messrs. Henery and Barker winning on count-back from Gaymond & Owen, Fogarty & Deprez and Davis & Legg. Ross and Paul secured only eagle of day on 17th. Results...

16 December

Midweek Christmas Cracker

Air originating in the sub-tropics produced another exceedingly mild day with sunny intervals producing warmth. But following overnight rain, mud produced a significant challenge. Ross Hood shrugged off the inconvenience caused with a three over par 40 points to win by a point from John Ahad. James Barker was third with an excellent 37 points. Results...

13 December

Christmas Hamper

Early rain petered out to give a muddy surface but windless and still mild for the 50 competitors. Steady golf was required and the winner of the hamper was Paul Rockett on 38 points with Stephen Legg second on 36. Murali Reddy and Pete Harrison followed with 36s. Best lady was Gina Jillet who headed three 34s on count-back from James Barker and Toby Hunt. CSS remained unchanged from SSS. Results...

9 December

Midweek Hamper

Wall to wall sunshine greeted 29 competitors for the Midweek Champagne Chase,  a record for Wednesday play. No hint of frost and whilst fair weather cloud built up, it was still possible to bask in the warm sunshine outside clubhouse afterwards.

Conditions which should have seen good scoring generally but in the event it was a reduction only round (see Calculations). The runaway winner was Peter Osgood on 41 points – just one over par on back 9 (25 points). His playing partner Shaun Dupreez was 2nd 36 with Ross Hood 34. Peter earned a two shot handicap reduction and Shaun one. Results...

6 December

Monthly Medal / Team Event


The ladies played a team game in mild conditions. The winners were Caroline Stillwell, Valerie Parker, Lia Donath and secret partner Val Riziotis. Results...


The wind very gradually abated on another mild winter’s day.

Extremely good scores were returned from Kim Chaffart and James Barker – 64s! Kim won the medal on a back 9 count-back and James’s three over par 71 included four birdies. Fine rounds were also returned from Loui Suárez 66, Ed Henery 67 and Captain Paul Brown 68. All above had their handicap reduced by one. The balance of play was to raise CSS to 69 from SSS 67. Results...

2 December

Midweek Medal

Exceptionally mild conditions for early winter prevailed but crisp striking was required in somewhat muddy conditions. Julian James duly obliged and was winner of the medal on 67, two ahead of Brett Colley with Chris Jones a further shot behind. CSS was just one above SSS. Results...

29 November

Champagne Chase


A small field of eight ladies fought their way around the course, battling not only the soggy conditions underfoot but also the gale force winds that whipped around from start to finish. The mulled wine and mince pies were a welcome treat awaiting us.

As such scores were much affected and the competition was reduction only. Sheena Harrington, as has happened before when champagne is on offer, emerged the winner on 27 points. Three behind on 24 was Caroline Stilwell. Results...


Windy and quite muddy conditions made it very difficult to score, with CSS reduced two from 36 to 34 stableford points. A very clear winner of the bubbly was Lee Marshall 40 points with Paul Green four back on 36. There were spirited 34s headed by Secretary Peter Harrington from Kim Chaffart and Jim Fogarty. A number of entrants were no shows on the day. Results...

25 November

Midweek Strings

The novel format produced some good golf and scores, notably Roger Rojas who strung together 23 points on the front nine to win overall with 41 points – just one ahead of Richard Owen. Unsurprisingly, 22 ‘Twos’ were recorded. Some competitors counted strings used as a shot which accounts for a number of low scores. Results...

The competition was regarded as an alternative to the charity day that was washed out in October.  Over £100 was raised for Macmillan Cancer Trust charity so thanks to all.

22 November

Captain v Secretary

The first frosts of winter had arrived with a vengeance overnight and the first few holes for many were a challenge as the ball skittered over the ice, or gathered it as it rolled across the greens. When the sun was out it was a glorious day, but the temperature soon dropped if you were out of it. Conditions also affected most people’s scores with only two people scoring better than the SSS, as such the CSS increased by 2 to 35 points. Top scorer on 41 points was Habib Amir, earning himself a handicap cut of 2.4 down to 23.1. Martin Heinrich was second on 38 points and drops one shot from his handicap. Results...

In the team event, with 25 on each side, the Secretaries somehow managed to bag five of the top six players of the day for their team, helping them to a win by 38 points from the Captains. The overall scores were Secretaries: 719, Captains: 681.

The top 3 places in the Secretaries team were Habib, Martin and Ed Henery, and for the Captains, it was Lee Marshall, Denis Pellerin and Tamas Ladacs. Being supportive partners, Sheena Harrington and Val Riziotis were the top ladies in their respective teams (but some way down the list!).

18 November

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 2

Very blustery conditions prevailed and the last games caught some rain as the light dimmed. Unsurprisingly, scoring was difficult with the competition declared a ‘reduction only’ round with CSS three above SSS. Cream rose to the top when James Barker finished the last 3 holes with birdies to win on count-back with 32 points from Stephen Mason. Results...

Stephen Mason leads the Winter Competition on 65 from Colin Pizzey 63. R2 Leader board...

Only four players returned scores on all holes in the associated Duke's Eclectic so Ed Henery leads on 80 from Julian James 84.5. R1 Leader board...

15 November

Winter Comp Rd 2 / Dukes Eclectic Rd 1


For the second week running a Jayne won the competition, but this one has a 'y' in her name and just like her namesake last week, she too had a score significantly better than anyone else. With a score of 37 points and five points ahead of Val Riziotis, she earned a 1.2 handicap reduction as the CSS went up by three again requiring just 34 points to play to handicap. Results...

Unsurprisingly in the associated Eclectic table, Jayne leads the way, this time by ten shots from Val. However, only two other competitors holed out on all 18 holes, leaving a lot to play for in the remaining three rounds. R1 Leader board...


Early wind gradually died down but whilst mud accumulated on trolleys, ball bounce was not impacted significantly, tough conditions overall with CSS raised one over SSS. Clear winner was Danny Deprez with Charlie Whiteman making a late bid with 37 points. Lee Marshall, Roger Rojas and Paul Brown returned strong 36s. Attendance again held up at 46 plus three entering cards for handicap. Results...

The Winter Competition is wide open after two rounds.  Denis Pellerin leads on 74 points followed by Charlie, Danny and Stephen Legg. R2 Leader board...

Roger Rojas leads the associated Duke's Eclectic by half a shot from James Barker with Danny yet to figure due to ‘blob’. R1 Leader board...

11 November

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 1

Another mild and dry day greeted 24 competitors for the first round of the Midweek Winter Competition. Overall scoring proved a little difficult with CSS elevated to SSS +1.

The runaway winner was Igor Stark with a two-birdie 41 points which earned him a .5 ESR so now plays off 17.2 – well done Igor! Gina piped Paul Grand for second place 35 on a countback. Results...

The Winter Competition after one round reflects the above results. R1 Leader board...

In the associated Prince's Eclectic, Igor has a four shot advantage over Paul Grand. R1 Leader board...

8 November

Winter Comp Rd 1 / Princes Eclectic Rd 1


A balmy Remembrance Sunday saw most of the ladies struggling with the change to winter type conditions underfoot with only 5 of the 12 holing out 18 times, thus leaving plenty of opportunity to improve in the other 3 rounds of the eclectic.

Winner on the day by four and earning herself a cut of 0.7 to 19.8 in handicap was Jane Fraser with 36 points. Jayne Maxwell took second place from Lesley Mason, both on 32. Results...

Jane is of course leading the Eclectic after the first round and Gina Jillett is her closest rival at this stage. R1 Leader board...


Mild conditions again prevailed and Prince’s held up despite heavy rain the previous day. Attendance for a men only competition in 2015 set a record of 48.

Scoring was average with CSS = SSS but three contested top position on 39 points, and count backs separated Ed Henery winner from Pete Harrison and Denis Pellerin. Ed’s commendable back 9 was achieved in one over par. Results...

The Winter Competition after one round reflects the above results. R1 Leader board...

In the Prince's Eclectic Ed and Stephen Legg have a half shot advantage. R1 Leader board...

4 November

Midweek Medal

Following early rain, benign and balmy autumnal conditions prevailed. Playing off yellow tees in such conditions it was expected that scores would be good for men but in the event CSS was elevated to two above SSS. Early game clubhouse leaders Mike Shabani and Ed Henery posted 72 and 73 for the field to beat. Chris Jones kept his head down and achieved victory on a count-back last six from Mike whilst Alexander Krasnenkov and Paul Grand shared 73s with Ed. Results...

Best lady was Caroline Dewar 74 who but for 11 at 14 could surely have been winner.

Pace of play was at times slow and there was plenty of time to watch the workings on bunkers and chat with greens staff.

1 November

Monthly Medals

All competitions today were abandoned. Some games had started after early fog, and were soon called back when the fog returned. Although the fog did clear again around midday the competitions had by then been declared abandoned. Results...

28 October

Harrington Trophy

A balmy autumn day after overnight rain set the scene for the first Harrington Trophy with only 3 clubs and putter allowed. Colin Pizzey was the winner on count-back from Mike Shabani with Julian James a shot behind. Ross Hood was fourth with lowest gross score. The competition was non-qualifying for handicap purposes. Results...

27 October

Shop and Start Times

Following the clock adjustment last weekend the shop has advised us of revised shop and start times. Details...

25 October

Lissaman Cup

A chilly start saw 46 compete for this 3 clubs and a putter competition. The ladies proved dominant, picking up 1st and 2nd places – Gina Jillet 67 and Jane Fraser 69. Leading men were Toby Hunt and Stephen Legg 70s. Results...

The last event of the Top Dog Trophy saw Pete Harrison confirmed as winner although final of JH Taylor outstanding which can only increase Pete’s points. Final Leader board...

21 October

Midweek Charity Cup

What a contrast from Sunday! The inclement weather put off all but four stalwarts and sadly Charity Day was the big loser. All four deserve a mention in dispatches, but it was Brett Colley who took first place on 35 points, closely followed just one point behind by Igor Stark. Both Mike Shabani and Kim Chaffart were five further adrift on 29 points. Results...

18 October

Charity Cup

The glorious autumn colours of the trees together with sunny and benign conditions resulted in some good scoring, enough to bring the CSS down by one and requiring 37 points from both the men and ladies to play to their handicaps.

With 39 points, Ed Henery was the early clubhouse leader and remained there until the last few games came in when he slipped to 3rd, with Susan Smith having a better back 9 to take 2nd place and Kim Chaffert winning the day on 40 points. John Ahad also on 39 points was the only other contender to be awarded a cut in handicap. Results...

14 October

Midweek President's Prize

18 competitors turned up to contest the Midweek President’s Prize on a slightly nippy autumnal day.

The winner by 9 was Tamas Ladacs with 45 points. The Handicap Secretary’s office is beginning to run out of superlatives so the facts speak for themselves: Net 59, level par front 9, one birdie, CSS elevated +2 to 69 (35 stableford points), second ESR this year, playing handicap now 13.5, leading male contender for Most Improved Golfer of the year with a USGA Improvement Rating of 1.3333. Well done Tamas! Second was Toby 36 followed by Kim Chaffart 35. Results...

11 October

Monthly Medals

The October sunshine was still strong and many basked outside the clubhouse afterwards.


Tenesi produced another stunning round of 63 to win by nine from Kate who is clearly at ease with her handicap. Cheryl and Gina were separated on count back with 73s. Tenesi’s round prompted an ESR of 2 so now plays off 18! Results...

With the Barton Bowl playoff happening alongside the medal, only 3 of those who had qualified were present. Gina just pipped Kate to take the bowl, both on 34 points with Doreen in 3rd place on 29. Results...


Alan Cinnamond shot a masterful 6 over par for net 66 to pip Murali on count back. Solid 67s followed from Tony Kopczak, Paul Massie and Evan Samuel. Results...

Stephen Legg had another consistent round of 68 off 8 and deservedly won the associated Grand Medal Trophy on 332, five clear from Ed Henery. Final leader board...

Simultaneously on Duke’s, Patrick Murphy and Paul Grand retained the Men’s Pairs KO finishing one up in a very tight match. Results...

7 October

Midweek Medal

There was a little intermittent drizzle but the course was quite playable, having soaked up recent rain. Early clubhouse leader Tamas Ladacs held on to win with 72 followed by Kim Chaffart 74. Maybe the field lacked quality ladies for Tamas was the only Category 1-3(4) player to score within SSS buffer zone for handicapping purposes. This just avoided a reduction only round but CSS elevation was the maximum +3 to SSS. Tamas earns a handicap reduction. Results...

In the associated WGMT final round, Richard Owen is confirmed winner on 271, four ahead of Igor Stark. Final Leader board...

4 October

Silver Jubilee
Honours Boards

A lovely late summer's day for the first round in October saw some good scoring and associated reductions in handicaps. The sun also brought the ladies to the fore, with them taking four of the top five spots.

In first place, was Veronica Mitchell with a net 66 and earning a reduction of 1.6 in handicap. Splitting the ladies, was Julian James in second place on 68 and a 0.9 reduction. Kate Emanuel and Caroline Stilwell were one shot further back, also reducing their handicaps further.

Julian James recorded what must have been a stunning eagle 2 on the 5th. Results...

With the final jubilee having been played, the winner of the Anniversary Cup is also Veronica with a total score of 212. Final leader board...

1 October

Rusper Away Day

The ladies swept the top three places on a glorious day out with Jayne Maxwell winning on 36 points. Report...

30 September

Midweek Captains Day

The very first Midweek Captains Day competition was aptly played on a gloriously sunny autumn day on the Princes Course, in near perfect golfing conditions. Midweek Captain Richard generously provided hospitality which included bacon rolls and cakes plus a sleeve of balls for all those who scored better than him. Rising to this challenge thirteen competitors battled it out for the honours. Two players pulled clear of the rest of the field and were three points ahead of third place Phil Flanagan. Kate Emanuel and Chris Jones both tied on excellent scores of 41 points and could only be separated on count back. Kate emerged the first winner of the Trophy and Chris the first runner up. Both players were awarded with cuts to their handicaps, Kate to twelve and Chris to nineteen, congratulations to both of you. Results...

27 September

Monthly Medal / Autumn Meeting


This year's Indian Summer continues with another lovely day for the second leg of the Ladies Autumn Meeting consisting of a 4BBB stableford competition. Seven pairs competed including one with a mystery partner.

The scoring was generally good reflecting the balmy conditions. The winners with a total of 41 points were Susan Smith and Lia Donath and the runners up with 39 points were Jayne Maxwell and Veronica Mitchell. Results...

After the games the ladies relaxed with drinks and various nibbles.


Despite the sun there was a definite nip in the air for the September medal and with the ball not running as far any more, the scores were relatively muted for most. Conditions didn't deter Nigel Gaymond whose net 63 ensured he won the monthly medal from Julian James and Jim Fogarty, both on 65. CSS remained at 67. Results...

26 September

Autumn Mixed Pairs

Jayne Maxwell & Peter Harrison won both the scratch and net competitions. Report...

23 September

Midweek Priory Cup
Revised Report 24 Sep

Thirteen intrepid RPGC golfers battled it out for the first Priory Cup. A beautiful Autumns day greeted the competitors and two players pulled clear of the field. The competition was played out in the Bogey Format a format that is clearly a speciality of the ladies as the top two places were as follows - Gina Jillet Winner on two up and Ann Gardner Runner Up on one up. Well done to you both. Gina earned a small adjustment to her handicap. Results...

20 September

Burgess Cup / Autumn Meeting & Monthly Medal


The first leg of the Ladies Autumn Meeting including the Ladies September Monthly Medal Competition was successfully completed by eight  ladies on a beautiful day. The sun shone down on Kate and Tenesi, respectively gaining first and second places and whom by playing glorious golf significantly reduced their handicaps. Kate is down to 12 and Tenesi to 24. Tenesi was also awarded an 'exceptional' scoring reduction bringing her handicap down further to 23 - well done to them both. The rest of the ladies had a very enjoyable round. Results...


Fine September weather greeted 15 men's pairs as they battled it out for the Burgess Cup. Competition was fierce and some good scores were recorded. Light winds offered some protection to the Dukes Course however James Barker and Pete Harrison took no heed of this and played golf of the highest order scoring 42 points and emerging clear winners, two shots ahead of Ed Henery and Mike Rowe who were in the runners up position. An interesting statistic to note, competition was so fierce in this year's Burgess Cup, that of the chasing pack and out of an entry of 15 pairs, 9 pairs scored between 36 points and 39 points. A great effort by all and congratulations to the winners. Results...

16 September

Midweek Anniversary Accumulator

Conditions varied through the day with the really heavy rain arriving in the afternoon. Some really good golf was played – the winner with a one over par round was Ross Hood 61. Gina Jillett was runner-up on 63 with a fantastic back nine 38. Both Ross and Gina  earned handicap reductions. Results...

In the associated midweek accumulator, Gina consolidated her lead to win on 202, seven clear of Julian James. R4 Leader board...

13 September


Martin Heinrich played a blinder to emerge the clear winner with 43 points – 24 on the back! Martin earns an ESR so now plays off 19. Keith Cassidy and Nigel followed with 40s with Jim Fogarty, Danny Deprez and Lee Marshall 39s. Mike Shabani’s 38 included 2 ‘Twos’ with eagle at 14. Results...

13 September

Autumn Weekend Away

Jayne Maxwell took the Gill Hibbs Trophy for the top overall Lady and Pete Harrison was the top Man. Results...

9 September

Handicap Trophy Rd 2

Surprise mizzle/light rain impacted early games in this re-arranged 2nd round of the competition, but otherwise conditions were ideal with a light easterly breeze developing. On the day, late pm player Mike Shabani trumped early clubhouse leader by a shot with a very competent 69. Midweek Captain Richard was 3rd with 71 followed by Chris Jones with 72. A shot further behind were Patrick Murphy, Gina Jillett & Kathryn Zally (best ladies) and James Barker (lowest gross). Results...

The winner of the Handicap Trophy on back 18 count-back was Gina Jillett who had same overall score as Ross Hood on 139 with Mike three adrift. Well done Gina! Results...

6 September

President's Putter
Honours Board

After a very chilly start, summer returned with glorious blue skies and the field of 61 doing their best to beat the President, thereby earning themselves a free drink. Our President, Tim Meyer, offered to buy a drink for anyone who beat his score & today there were 45 who did. Next year the offer may not be quite so generous! The ladies tried to help out, with no one hitting the green on their nearest the pin.

There was a three-way tie on 39 points at the top, with Roger Rojas taking the honours, from Pete Harrison and Igor Stark. A further 5 were two shots back on 37 - all earning reductions to their handicaps. The highest place lady was Jayne Maxwell back in 15th on 34 points. Results...

As mentioned above, in addition to the opportunity to get a drink on the President, there were also prizes for the nearest the pin in two on the 18th for both men and ladies, Patrick Murphy and Kate Emanuel winning these. A nearest the pin in three on the 17th for the men, won by Paul Rockett and a nearest the pin on the 16th for the ladies.

2 September

Midweek Monthly Medal

A good turnout of 22 competed in fair early autumn conditions although very wet conditions with heavy dew at 7am caused all sorts of bad golf before it dried out a little. There was some excellent golf reflected in two 63s with the winner Ted Holt on count-back from Richard Owen (who also recoded lowest gross score). Igor Stark was 3rd on 64 and remarked that it could so easily have been a few shots better. Paul Grand recorded a solid 66 and just missed hole in one at 11 - prior to any bounce his shot hit the pin one inch above the hole, denting the flagstick. Results...

With his (second) 63, Richard now has a firm lead in the associated Midweek Grand Medal Trophy on 271, 11 clear of Stephen Mason with one round left. R7 Leader board...

30 August

Bank Holiday Sweep

Turnout was good for a bank holiday. Much recent rain during the week had softened the terrain with odd bits of mud around. Scoring overall was average with CSS=SSS. A crowded top of the leader board saw four players with 40 points and count-backs separated the winner Roger Rojas from Toby Hunt, Pete Harrison and Mark Rice. Results...

26 August

Midweek Club Championship Rd 2

Given the conditions, turnout was surprisingly high with strong performances from Ross Hood and Pete Harrison on 74, Ross winning on count-back. With lying water on greens at various times, the Committee decided to abandon the competition. The 2nd round of the Handicap Trophy is likely to be re-scheduled for 30 September. For a competition abandoned, handicapping rules provide for CSS=SSS with only reductions in handicap and so nobody’s handicap affected by the day’s play. Results...

23 August

Honours Board

For the first time since 2010 the RP Open trophy will come back to Richmond Park with 3 of the first 5 places going to the ladies. The rain promised for 2pm unfortunately didn't listen to the forecast and arrived two hours early, but also lasted considerably less time than expected. But the sudden change didn't help the scoring and the CSS remained at 71 and 73 for the men & ladies' respectively. Sheena Harrington was the winner with a net 65 with Tenesi Karakaneva and Keith Cassidy two shots behind on 67. Results...

Nearest-the-pin at 7 was James Barker, at 10 was Mike Shabani, and at 16 was Jon Cooper.  Longest drive at 17 was Ross Hood.

22 August

The Bontor

The Ladies earned an impressive draw to retain the trophy. Report...

19 August

Midweek Club Championship Rd 1

A developing breeze and some rain for later players provided a challenge on Prince’s for the first round of the 36 hole competition. A fine 63 with two birdies gave Liam Bridger victory. He was followed a shot behind by Caroline Mylon and a 65 from Ross Hood (lowest gross 73). Kate Emanuel and Gina Jillett also played very well with 66s. Liam, Ross and Caroline earned handicap reductions. Results...

16 August

JQ Robertson
Honours Board

The very still August weather resulted in a lot of scores in the high thirties and first and second place were split on the back 3 holes, each with 41 points. Pete Harrison is the one to add his signature to the JQ Robertson trophy just sneaking it from Habib Amir. One shot further behind was Mike Rowe and the first lady was Molly Hood in 5th place. Results...

Nine 2's were recorded on the par 3s - obviously playing easy on the day!

In the associated Top Dog Trophy after five events, Pete Harrison now leads. R5 Leader board...

12 August

Midweek Anniversary Cup Rd 3

Overnight rain had softened the ground a shade. Kathryn Zally was the star of the day returning a competition winning 63 and for handicapping a -10 net differential – well done indeed! Graham Babington Smith was a worthy runner-up on 67 followed by early clubhouse leader Patrick Murphy 70 from (on count-back 70) Lesley Mason and Gina Jillett. Results...

In the associated Mid-week accumulator Gina has a 5 shot advantage from Julian James on 211 after 3 rounds. R3 Leader board...

9 August

Golden Jubilee
Honours Boards

A glorious August day saw some variable scoring with the ball running on the baked ground at the Park. A fair number had their rounds scuppered by one rather large score and there were enough of these to leave the CSS the same as the SSS. This didn't affect Paul Green who adds his signature to the Golden Jubilee trophy, winning by two on a net 66 from Charlie Whiteman. One shot further behind was Steve Cross. Kate Emanuel was the leading lady, one further shot behind on 70. Results...

In the associated Top Dog Trophy after four events, Martin Heinrich leads on 14 by two points from Tony Kopczak, Graham Terry, Paul Green and Tamas Ladacs. With many events still to come the field is still wide open. R4 Leader board...

Congratulations also go to Jane Fraser who played in the NAPGC Medal final in Gravesend and won Division 2 with a net 65.

8 August

Amida Friendly

Report due soon. Report...

5 August

Midweek Monthly Medal

Quiet conditions prevailed although later games caught the rain. Chris Jones has clearly recovered from recent back problems and rode out the clear winner with an amazing 62. Kate Emanuel claimed first for the ladies with 63 and then 64s from Shaun Feldon, Ed Henery and Julian James. Shaun shot level par for his 64. The CSS adjustment was again negative being 66 for men and 68 for ladies. Results...

In the associated Midweek Medal trophy, Richard Owen leads with 281, two ahead of Liam Bridger and three from Stephen Mason. R6 Leader board...

2 August

Monthly Medal


A small but talented group made it through the cyclists to play in the August medal and all were either in their buffer zones or had their handicaps cut, which must be a rare event. This of course caused the CSS to drop one to 68, rewarding Caroline Stilwell, who was the winner on a net 64, a 1.6 reduction in handicap to 20.4. One shot behind on 65, was Kate Emanuel, with Val Riziotis one further behind on 66. Both reduced their handicaps by 0.9 to 15.8 and 17.6 respectively. Results...


Considering the disruption from the cycling event, turnout was high on a pleasant summer’s day. Mark Rice emerged from the field as winner with a quality 62, two ahead of Ed Henery and Richard Owen. Reinforced by 65s from Cuneyt Sazer and Martin Heinrich, the overall standard of play was very good with CSS reduced by one from SSS to 66. Three suffered dq for not signing their cards. Results...

In the associated Grand Medal Trophy, two have a lead on others – Ed Henery 341 and Tony Kopczak 346 - but Stephen Legg looks well position after just four rounds on 266. R6 Leader board...

29 July

Midweek Sweep

A cool and breezy day set the conditions for competitors who on balance played well with CSS being reduced 1 from SSS (increased to 37 stableford points for both genders. Following good recent form, Julian James proved a worthy winner on 38 points two points clear of Ann Gardner with Mike Shabani and Molly Hood next with 35 points. Indeed, it was a good day for ladies taking 3 of the first 5 places. Results...

26 July

Diamond Jubilee
Honours Boards

An inclement July Sunday, but the forecast was for once pretty accurate ensuring that we all got a good soaking. After Friday's downpour the course was considerably softer underfoot than it has been. The two elements combined to make scoring a challenge for everyone except Mike Shabani who was the runaway winner by seven shots shooting a net 67. With the CSS rising by three to reflect the difficulties everyone else found, he also earned himself an ESR to reduce his actual handicap to 15.7. Jay Barker took second place from Tenesi Karakaneva both on 74. Results...

25 July

Rickmansworth Friendly

Report due soon. Report...

22 July

Midweek Claret Jug

Hard ground conditions and variable bounces prevailed with the wind again providing challenge. A sure and steady 63 from Handicap Secretary Paul Grand earned him the Claret Jug and a handicap reduction. Continuing her recent good form, Molly Hood shot an excellent 67 to finish 2nd from 5 on 68 – early clubhouse leaders Richard Owen and Gina Jillett, Julian James, Colin Pizzey and Igor Stark. Results...

Paul Grand remarked that he had recently laid down some Bordeaux claret and so the jug will be used!

19 July

Monthly Medal


There was some interesting play amongst the groupings today and notably the 28 handicappers seemed completely unaffected by the fairly gusty conditions overhead and the bare lies underfoot. The three ladies on 28 took the first three places, with Lesley Mason scoring a very impressive 63, beating Deborah Potter by some six shots with Tenesi Karakaneva one shot further behind on 70. Lesley is on a good run of form and in addition to the 2.4 shot handicap reduction, she has been awarded an ESR of 1, to take her handicap down to 24. Results...


A gusty breeze provided the challenge with overnight rain barely dampening the terrain. Glorious sunshine greeted competitors in the clubhouse with Paul Brown playing yet another captain’s innings to win the July medal on 65 – well done Paul! Toby had carded an excellent 67 to finish 2nd on count back from re-joiner Mike Rowe and Paul Rockett. Paul Patching with a 76 secured best gross. Results...

In the associated Grand Medal Trophy, Paul clings on by his fingernails to the lead by three from Toby. R5 Leader board...

15 July

Midweek Anniversary Cup Rd 2

A fine controlled round from Toby Hunt earned victory on 68, one ahead of Mike Shabani. Best lady was GinaJillet on 72. Results...

In the associated accumulator Julian James leads on 138, two ahead of Gina after 2 rounds. R2 Leader board...

12 July

Putney Park Open

Phil Maher won his club's open with a score of 68. RPGC's best finisher was Paul Patching on 71 for third place. Results...

11 July

Men's Invitation

Graham Terry and Veronica Mitchell claimed top spot with an excellent 42 points. Report...

8 July

Midweek Monthly Medal

Conditions were markedly different from last Wednesday – a fall in temperature of 15-20C but there was some fine golf, particularly from our ‘Mr. 59’ Igor Stark who earns a three shot reduction! But for a couple of holes, Rochard Owen would have joined Igor with a superlative 63 and lowest gross score 77. Stephen Mason and Kathryn Zally also shot below CSS/SSS earning handicap reductions (latter administered by White Lodge). Results...

In the associated best 4-from-8 Midweek Grand Medal Trophy Richard Owen has opened a 12 shot advantage from Liam Bridger after 4 rounds. R5 Leader board...

5 July

Captains' Day

Honours Board

A good contingent of the ladies' section turned out to support the Captains on their day, with particular welcome to Christine, Jini, Rianda and Christina whose visits are rare these days. The Lady Captain, Lia Donath, gave each of the ladies a clip-on towelling bag containing a ball, a ball marking gadget and pen - either in pink or purple. Hours of fun stencilling - thank you Lia!

The heat of the previous week was noticeably absent, and many started in showery conditions. The dry conditions of the previous week or so certainly made the ball run, unfortunately, not always in a helpful way, at least, not for many of us. This didn't seem to affect our occasional visitors as Christine Stewart was the runaway winner with a net 62, some seven shots below her handicap. In second place was Rianda with a net 66. Results...

The CSS remained at 69 as most of use found the conditions somewhat trickier to deal with.

Veronica and Susan won the nearest the pins and Lia, herself, won the 'nearest the hole in two'.

Honours Board | Top Dog

There was some very good scoring in ideal golfing weather albeit with light intermittent rain early. Tamas Ladacs had a spectacular 61 to win but just a shot behind was Martin Heinrich and Captain Paul played a suitable captain’s innings for a 63! New member Mikel Eguidazu Arrien fired a 64 whilst Alan Cinnamond scored lowest gross 75 but lost two balls with very unlucky bounces. Results...

A large field of 41 competed and the overall balance of play was such to raise CSS one from SSS to 68. Tamas and Martin earned ESR handicap reductions and Paul Rockett joins the eagle tree with a three at the par 5.

John Ahad was nearest-the-pin at the 2nd, Tim Meyer won nearest-the-hole-in two at the 8th and Mikel Eguidazu Arrien was nearest-the-pin at the 16th.

In the associated Top Dog Trophy, after three events, Martin leads by one point on 14 from Tamas, Tony Kopczak and Graham Terry. R3 Leader board...

1 July

Midweek Medal

Playing early on the day of record temperatures seems to have paid off with the first two places going to Tamas Ladacs (38 pts) and Gina Jillett (36 pts) who both teed off at 8.30 - though they will have finished their round in the heat of the day. Certainly the heat seems to have got to many of the rest of the field such that the CSS went up by two and thus awarding both Tamas and Gina with handicap cuts. Results...

28 June

Club Championships RD2
Honours Boards


Val Riziotis maintained her lead from the first round of the ladies' Club Championship to win by four shots on 176 from Jayne Maxwell on 180. R2 Results... | Overall Results...

In the Handicap Cup, for those on handicaps of up to 21, Val also won on net 138, with Lia Donath just one shot behind to take 2nd place. Results...

In the junior division, the Pembroke Cup was won by Cheryl Woodhouse on net 141, maintaining her first week lead, from Doreen Dolby just one shot behind.  For her efforts Cheryl was awarded an exceptional handicap reduction of 0.5 over and above her shot reduction. Results...


In each of the handicap divisions for the club championship and for the net competition, the first week's front-runners maintained their leads to win.

The Senior Club Champion for 2015 is Shaun Feldon with a gross score of 149 over the two rounds with Aidan Hurley the runner-up on 152. Results...

In the Junior Division Paul Rockett extended his lead from the first round to win by 14 shots on 161 from Keith Cassidy on 175. Results...

The Handicap Trophy was also won by Paul Rockett on net 129 with Pete Harrison six shots behind on 135. Results...

In the day's sweep, Tim Meyer took first place with a net 66. Keith Cassidy was 2nd from Pete Harrison and Paul Rockett all on 68. Results...

With the CSS remaining at 71 all received handicap reductions, but following a number of exceptional scoring rounds, Paul's was reduced by a further two shots to drop from 17 two weeks ago to 11 today.

24 June

Midweek Midsummer Trophy

With 4 of the 12 contenders scoring better than the SSS the CSS came down by one to 66 or 38 points. Colin Pizzey was the winner on 42 points with Liam Bridger in 2nd place two points behind. A further two behind were Stephen Mason & Mike Shabani. Results...

21 June

Club Championship Rd 1
Honours Boards


Scoring is much tighter in the scratch event for the ladies Club Championship, with Val Riziotis on 88, just one shot ahead of current champion, Jayne Maxwell, and ladies' captain, Lia Donath. So all to play for in the second week. Results...

In the two handicap divisions, Lia is leading the Handicap Cup (handicaps up to 21) on net 68 from Val on 69. Results...

In the Pembroke Cup, for higher handicaps, Cheryl Woodhouse is leading the field with a net 67 followed one shot behind by Joan Mulcahy. Results...


Leading the way in the senior division, after the 1st round on Prince's for the Club Championship is Sean Feldon on 71 with in form Roger Rojas lying in second spot on 75, earning Roger a one shot handicap reduction to 11. Aidan Hurley and Paul Appleton are one further shot behind on 76. Results...

Paul Rockett who started the competition with a handicap of 17 is leading in the junior division on 78 with Mike Shabani six shots behind on 86, just one shot ahead of Ray Esin on 87. Results...

In the Handicap Trophy, Paul Rockett leads by one on net 61 from Jason Rees on 62 and Roger Rojas one shot further behind on 63. By the end of the day Paul's handicap had been cut to 14.9. Results...

20 June

Rickmansworth Friendly

The Club recorded a significant 5-1 win in the home leg of this annual friendly match.  In the past a big lead has proven essential when the second leg is at "Tricky Ricky". Report...

17 June

Midweek Monthly Medal

Another good scoring day, although the 12th seemed to scupper a number of people's card with over half the field recording a triple bogey or worse! The ladies are doing well with the adjusted SSS on Duke's, but they weren't quite good enough to catch Julian James who was the day's winner on a net 66 to earn himself a handicap reduction to 15.1. Lesley Mason, one of our new recruits shot another great round to take 2nd place just one shot behind on 67 and reducing her handicap again to 27.4. Gina Jillett was one shot further behind with a 68 to take 3rd place and reduce her handicap to 18.0. Results...

14 June

Platinum Jubilee
Honours Boards

Mid-season conditions prevailed with the odd spot of light rain. Rough was punishing for those that found it in a Duke’s medal competition. CSS remained at SSS.

Straight hitting by Peter Osgood and another tidy round from Roger Rojas saw 68s with Roger the winner on count-back. Keith Cassidy 69, Captain Paul Brown 70 and Toby Hunt 71 equalled or bettered CSS with Peter, Roger and Keith earning handicap reductions. Best lady was Veronica 72. Results...

The associated Anniversary Trophy reflects placings in this, the first of the 4 Jubilees. R1 Leader board...

13 June

Clapham Common v Wexham Park

Report due soon. Report...

10 June

Midweek Monthly Medal

The earlier games coped with a strong breeze and a chill warranting a jumper but conditions improved to end with glorious sunshine.

It proved to be ladies’ day with 4 out of the 7 top positions. Shooting the lights out were winner Caroline Mylon 63 and Kathryn Zally 65 followed by best man Liam Bridger 71 and in his first competition, Paul Concannon also 71. Results...

In the related midweek Grand Medal, Richard Owen now leads Liam Bridger by 9. R3. R4 Leader board...

7 June

Monthly Medal


The day started slowly with all three ladies' games finding themselves on the second tee sunning themselves and waiting for the second green to clear! The games spread out thereafter and in balmy warm conditions scoring was generally good with most participants playing within their buffer zones and the CSS falling by one to 68. The winner with a net 67 and continuing a run of good form was Molly Hood. Lia Donath was second with a net 68. Results...


Ideal golfing conditions prevailed with a light to moderate breeze, placing Prince’s vulnerable to good scoring. CSS remained at SSS 67 but for some competitors purple patches emerged.

Notably the deserved winner Stephen Legge scored 61 off 11 and lowest gross 72, Greg Saunders and Paul Grand 63s and recent Merrist Wood away-day winner Pete Harrison 65. Results...

Stephen, Pete and Paul earned handicap reductions with Paul being cut a further additional ESR shots for a run of exceptional scores - cut by 4 shots in 2 weeks. Fresh from the USA and Wentworth, Paul Patching secured eagle at 14th.

In the associated Grand Medal Trophy, Paul Grand has a 12 shot advantage over Toby Hunt. R4 Leader board...

6 June

Hawtree v Hoebridge

Report due soon. Report...

6 June

Mitcham Friendly

The Ladies fell to a 1-2 loss in the home leg. Report...

4 June

Merrist Wood Away Day

Report due soon. Report...

3 June

Midweek Stableford

The wind which had been prevalent for the previous 2 days continued to abate and the temperature slowly rose in the sunshine. However, playing conditions proved difficult, not helped by thicker and longer rough.

Three 32s vied for victory with count-backs separating victor Patrick Murphy from Colin Pizzey and Tony Bryan. Results...

CSS was reduced from SSS 36 points as per attached. CSS Results...

31 May

Bogey / Committee Cup Rd 2
Honours Board


The promise of squally showers throughout the day reduced the number of competitors before play commenced and although there were certainly a fair number of them, it was a considerably better day than forecast.

The same could not be said for 7 of the 9 contestants in the second leg of the Committee Cup. It would seem that Tenesi Karakaneva and Deborah Potter were playing a different course from the rest of the group, both romping home with 40 and 36 points respectively. Results...

Tenesi and Deborah take not only 1st and 2nd spots on the day, they also take the 36 holes of the Committee Cup  competition. Results...

With the remainder of the field trailing some way behind and neither of these two counting for handicapping calculation purposes, the CSS was raised by 3 to 34 resulting in a one shot reduction for Deborah after many months of going in the reverse direction, but after several weeks of outstanding scoring, Tenesi has been awarded an exceptional handicap reduction and is cut by 5.5 today, and is down to a playing handicap of 28.


The last day of Spring brought predominantly damp conditions warranting some waterproofs and umbrellas at times. CSS was one lower than SSS at one up 70 reflecting the relatively high number of players playing within their buffer zone.

The bogey format is psychologically testing but there were some very good scores – notably Jim Fogarty and Roger Rojas finishing 3up with Jim the winner on count-back for the last 6 holes. Stephen Legg played another consistent round to finish 3rd all square piping Julian James on back 9.
Jim and Roger had their playing handicaps reduced but nobody’s playing handicap increased. Results...

27 May

Midweek Stableford

Dark horse Paul Grand tipped his sombrero to the field flying past through 9 at level par and three birdies for 28 points. Trainer reported apparent lameness on back 9 but rode out as winner on 44 points. In form filly Val Riziotis shot a sure-footed 42 two lengths back and Colin Pizzey 41. Thoroughbred Shaun Feldon led the also-rans on count back 36 points from Tamas Labacs. Results...

24 May


A benign day in terms of Bank Holiday weather encouraged some good results and some amazing scoring from Stephen Mason, today's winner and relative newcomer to the club with 47 points. He spent much of the round wishing he could do better, but with a handicap reduction of 3.9 is probably relieved that he didn't! In second place with another good score is Tenesi Karakaneva on 42 points. Sheena Harrington was third with 40 points, followed by 5 people on 38. Results...

It was good to see the club secretary back on the course following his knee injury whilst skiing at Easter.

20 May

Midweek Stableford

Smooth administration (thanks Rick) and improving late Spring conditions set the scene for the mid-week competition.

Former club champion Kerry Sargeant made a welcome appearance and used Sergio Garcia’s previous ultra stiff driver shaft. It obviously did the trick for Kerry who ran out winner on 36 points from three on 35: Colin Pizzey, Roger Rojas and leading lady Kate Emanuel. Results...

17 May

Summer Cup / Committee Cup Rd 1
Honours Boards


Lulled into a false level of expectation on the weather front, most of the ladies were expecting a balmy early summer's day. Unfortunately nature decided otherwise, and the chilly blustery wind not only kept many layers of clothing on, but apart from Kate, seemed to play a fair amount of havoc with the scores for many. The CSS went up by one requiring 35 points to play to handicap and only 3 out of the contingent of 14 managed to play within their buffer zones.

Kate Emanuel takes a commanding lead of four points after the first leg of the Committee Cup with 37 points, but her handicap cut of 0.6 keeps her on 17 just. Sheena Harrington was second on 33 and Doreen Dolby third on 31. Results...


Cool and breezy conditions provided challenges for competitors in the men's stableford Summer Cup. Leading the way with a splendid 40 points was treasurer Nick Rogers, all the more so with 21 points over the more difficult back nine. Stephen Legg piped Charles Ajani on count-back for second place with 36 points. Nick earned a handicap reduction to 10.1. Results...

16 May

Ladies Invitation

The pairing of Val Riziotis and Paul Brown won on count back from Lia Donath And Ed Henery. Report...

13 May

Midweek Sweep

The deserved winner of the Wednesday mid-week sweep was Roger Rojas on count back from Richard Smith 37 points. CSS for the competition remained at SSS. Results...

Wednesday was St Servatius day. St Servatius is a member of a trio known as the Ice Saints. The others are St Mamertus and St Pancras. Their chilly collective name comes from the traditional belief that their days, 11, 12 and 13 May, bring cold weather and the last frost of the year. Some gardeners in France will not plant until the Ice Saints have gone. They are well known in Germany, Poland, Austria and Switzerland.

Who'd have thought that with the warm sunny conditions! For gardeners - it should now be safe to put plants out and avoid a frost...

10 May

White Webbs v Hoebridge B

The Ladies produced a 137-117 win. Report...

10 May

Monthly Medal


With 2 ladies playing to the SSS and a small field of eight ladies, the CSS was reduced by one to 68, denying the handicap secretary the chance of reducing any handicaps! Joan Mulchay edged out Caroline Stilwell on the back nine to win May's monthly medal. It was also good to see a number of fair weather golfers making a return to the course - hope we see more of you now ladies. Results...


The wind provided challenge but there were some very good scores with Jon Cooper 62, Ed Henery 63 and Paul Green 65. Well done indeed to Jon for such a consistent round culminating with a birdie at 18. He earns a -1 ESR bring him down to 9.5. CSS was SSS 67. Results...

In the associated Grand Medal Trophy, Paul Grand has a very assailable lead on 214 of two from Charlie Whiteman. R3 Leader board...

6 May

Midweek Monthly Medal
The day before the national election

The returning officer has declared the total number of net shots and the winner by a two shot swing is Gina Jillett on 75 from WL party member Richard Smith with Richard Owen third recording a 14 shot swing from last Wednesday. Results...

Following the sounding of the klaxon due to local lighting, some candidates returned to their constituency early. The number of spoilt cards was one with potential winner Kate Emanuel DQ for not signing card. Constitutionally, with no overall control, CONGU procedures swung into action with the declaration of an abandoned competition for handicapping purposes with CSS=SSS and a reduction only round – coincidentally, no handicap cuts were recorded.

In the related midweek referendum, Richard Owen now leads Liam Bridger by 6. R3 Leader board...

3 May


The weather forecast had been toying with us during the week on the likelihood of a wet Sunday, but in the end it could have been a lot worse and the initial rain showers were at least warm. The greens could certainly do with some rain to soften them up and make them a little receptive to the incoming golf ball.

The ladies' domination of two weeks ago was short-lived with normal service resumed today and the men taking the first three places. With a 3 point cushion Andrej Moxnes took 1st place on 40 points from Russell Bryan and Roger Rojas both on 37 points. Val Riziotis was first placed lady and one point behind on 36 points. Results...

Despite Peter Harrington's reminder in his weekly missive, we again had a player DQ'd for not signing his card.  And remember to check handicaps with quite a number of changes occurring today.

29 April

Midweek Bogey

The rain forecast for morning/lunch duly arrived making for difficult conditions for the Bogey competition.

The emphatic winner was Richard Owen with a personal best gross of 77 and 5-up. Well done Richard – and a handicap reduction! Shaun Feldon sported a new handicap and was 2nd on 2-up. Colin Pizzey and Ed Henery followed all-square and best lady Cheryl 1-down. Results...

The overall balance of play was such that CSS was elevated from SSS one-up to two-up.

26 April

Shaw Cup & NAPGC Qualifier

A chilly wind and the overnight rain seemed to dampen most people's scores such that the CSS went up by 2. However, conditions didn't bother Graham Terry who was the clear winner on 42 points, earning himself a 1.4 reduction in handicap. In second place, as she was last week, was Tenesi Karakaneva on 37 points and who after many weeks of playing to her handicap has finally achieved a handicap reduction of 1 shot. Results...

22 April

Midweek Stableford

Breezy early Spring conditions greeted 18 competitors in three tee times through the day.

A count-back separated 36s from Richard Owen and Toby Hunt in favour of Richard with Mike Shabani 3rd on 34 points. Ladies’ performance was good with Gina piping ‘birthday girl’ Cheryl to 5th place on 32 points. Handicap Secretary Paul Grand bucked statistical trends and scored relatively heavily (20) on the more difficult back 9. Results...

19 April

Clapham Common v Brent Valley A

The Club prevailed 143-130 in a fine performance from each of its 4 pairings.  The next round will be either Ruislip or Wexham Park. Report...

19 April


In what is probably a first the ladies occupied the first four places in today's competition. One of the first mixed events of the 2015 calendar on Duke's where the ladies' SSS has increased to 73 meaning there is no longer a shot allowance in favour of the men. Although a goodly number of the usual contenders in the men's section were absent due to club commitments elsewhere.... watch out chaps this could be the year that the ladies prevail in the mixed competitions.

But good try from Peter Osgood who entered his stableford score rather than gross score, to record 71 points, which in reality was 32!

The winner was Caroline Stilwell with 39 points earning her a 1.2 handicap reduction, followed by six people on 36 points with Tenesi Karakaneva in 2nd place and Sheena Harrington in 3rd and Lia Donath in 4th. Nigel Gaymond was 5th and the first placed man. Results...

18 April

Surrey Fives v Limpsfield Chart
Report by Paul Brown

Our RPGC Mens Surrey Fives Team entertained a fine Limpsfield Chart side, on a sunny but blustery Saturday on the Dukes course. What followed was a tight and hard fought match.

The game consisted of five single two balls playing stroke play. The RPGC team consisted of Surrey Fives Captain Pete Davis, James, Paul B, Pete Harrison and Liam.

Each two ball went to the wire, clearly the Limpsfield Chart team had come to play hard and were not going to go down without a real fight. Obviously, as would be expected from any of our teams, our chaps met fire with the fire and came away with an excellent 3 games to 2 victory.

A big thank you to Peter Davis our Team Captain who not only led from the front on the course (with some excellent golf) but also arranged the food and co-ordinated the match. Also a big thank you to all the guys for representing the club with such passion and with great sportsmanship!

We meet Royal Wimbledon in the next leg.

15 April

Masters Bowl

Glorious conditions greeted competitors with wall to wall sunshine. The overall winner with an astounding 63 was Gina Jillett, three ahead of Ed Henery with Kate Emanuel 68. Kate earns a handicap reduction to 18.5. Results...

12 April

Monthly Medal


With the course conditions much improved it was the wind that provided the challenge, getting, it seemed, ever stronger throughout the day.

Eight ladies took part in the competition, and our latest recruit, Jane Fraser, took the spoils with a net 66, reducing her handicap by one in the process. In second place, and four shots back was Sheena Harrington with Tenesi Karakaneva taking third spot just one shot further back. Results...


Following the passage of a cold front, the wind got up as forecast and provided Prince’s a degree of protection. This proved no impediment to Jon Cooper who was the clear winner on 62 – two ahead of Lee Marshall and three from Paul Green. Results...

Jon dominated the statistics, including a level par back 9. Analysis...

Overall, the elevation of CSS to SSS+1 68 reflected the conditions – only four Category 1-3 scoring within buffer before the application of Clause 19.

In the associated Grand Medal Trophy, a 3-way tie exists between Paul Grand, Martin Heinrich and Toby Hunt. But it has to be said that this is more due to having played just two rounds than exemplary play! R2 Leader board...

11 April

Spring Mixed Pairs
Honours Board

Gina Jillett & Paul Brown emerged winners with 37 points three clear of Sheena Harrington & Stephen Mason. Report...

8 April

Midweek Stableford

The competition was played in pleasant early Spring conditions with play off the grass, but not yet full back tees. A reduced field was headed by Liam Bridger 36 points, three ahead of Andrej Moxnes. Results...

5 April

Easter Sweep

The competition was played in pleasant early Spring conditions with play off the grass, but not yet full back tees. Julian James proved the winner on 36 points, one ahead of Jim Fogarty and Danny Deprez. Tenesi was best lady on 33. Results...

1 April

Midweek Monthly Medal

19 competitors turned out on a chilly and windy day. Roger Rojas was the deserved winner on 68 followed by four 69s – Joan Mulcahy (best lady), Liam Bridger, Ahmad Al-Bader and Patrick Murphy. Results...

In the associated midweek Grand Medal Trophy, Julian James now leads Richard Owen by 2. R2 Leader board...

29 March

Coronation Cup
Honours Board

Variable conditions prevailed on Prince’s but scores were generally good. The winner on countback was Tony Kopczak from Toby Hunt on 66. Four 67s followed from Ahmad (making a welcome return), Susan (leading lady), Pete Davis and Pete Harrison. Results...

The competition doubled as the NAPGC Medal Qualifier.

25 March

Midweek Sweep

Winner of Wednesday Sweep was Andrej Moxnes on 39 points from Liam Bridger 37 in a 15-strong field. Results...

22 March

Spring Stableford Rd 2 / Spring Meeting BB


What a different day underfoot! For the first time this year the round didn't include a good covering of mud with the ground having dried out and mud being replaced by worm casts, although the temperature was very varied.

Fifteen ladies competed in the second leg of the Spring Meeting which was won with 38 points by Jayne Maxwell and Sheena Harrington. In second place was Joan Mulcahy and secret partner, Susan Smith with 36 points (note the results sheet shows Maureen Slade as Joan's partner, but it was in fact Susan who plays off the same handicap and HandicapMaster won't allow the same person to play the competition twice! In third place, two further points behind on 34 was Doreen Dolby and Cheryl Woodhouse. Results...


Sunday’s winner of Spring Stableford round 2 was Nigel Gaymond with a creditable 40 points, 2 ahead of Stephen Wilcock, Paul Brown and Paul Grand. Results...

The overall Spring Stableford was extremely close with Paul Brown declared the winner on countback (last 9 of 2nd round) from Paul Grand – both 74 points; there followed 3 on 72 points – separated on countback on last 18 Ed Henery then Danny Deprez then Brett Colley.

18 March

Midweek Monthly Medal

The winner with a superb score of 41 points was our new member Roger Rojas, and with CSS at 37 points Roger's playing handicap has been chopped from 16 to 15. Toby is the master of consistency and he was the runner-up (again) with 38 points. This was good enough to shave Toby's handicap and his playing handicap reduces from 13 to 12. Third place yesterday was claimed by Martin Currie (playing off 14) who we welcome from White Lodge. Richard Owen scored is first eagle on 17 – but it took some time to find his ball on the green! Ann Gardner made a welcome appearance but was pipped into ladies’ 2nd place by Cheryl. Results...

15 March


Pete Davis regained form and was the winner 33 points on count-back from Toby. Results...

13 March

Spring Weekend Away

Susan Smith won the prestigious Lockie Trophy on another glorious weekend away. Report...

11 March

Midweek Monthly Medal

Julian James was the overall winner of the first Wednesday medal on 71, one ahead of Mike Shabani. Results...

8 March

Spring Stableford Rd 1 / Spring Meeting Medal


The wind and lack of sun ensured that it wasn't quite the glorious warm spring weather of the previous day, but it was considerably drier underfoot than it has been of late. It didn't seem to be too much help to the ladies though and with a good turnout for the Spring Meeting medal round, a mere three ladies played within their buffer zones and the CSS rose by one to 74.

With a better back 9, the current lady captain, Lia Donath, beat last year's lady captain, Jayne Maxwell both scoring a net 76. Val Riziotis was the last of the ladies to play in her buffer zone - with a net 80, she had one rather large score cut back for handicapping purposes! Results...


Early Spring conditions prevailed with less wind than of late and drier underfoot.  This allowed more players than not to play within their buffer zone. There were two extremely good scores – from the winner Brett Colley 43 points and runner-up Patrick Murphy 42. Strong 38s followed from Danny Deprez, Martin Heinrich and Richard Owen. Results...

A couple of eagles were recorded on 17 from Paul Brown and Mike Shabani.

4 March

Inaugural Trophy

The Wednesday Inaugural Trophy was played on Prince’s with Brett Colley winning on 38 points, two ahead of Paul Grand. Conditions were less windy than Sunday and predominantly sunny but 1st and 18th were still boggy leading to unnecessary time ball hunting (typically embedded in fairway or just off at 18). Results...

1 March

Monthly Medal


Having made her debut as a winner last week, Tenesi Karakaneva has kept her number one slot and was the winner of the first 2015 ladies' monthly medal. With a small field of five, the ladies didn't excel themselves with scoring being on the high-side and the round was a reduction only. Tenesi's first place on a net 77, was followed again, for the second week running, by Deborah Potter who was one behind on 78. Results...


The first day of Spring roared in with a very stiff and challenging wind. The going was yielding (heavy in places e.g. 1st and 18th ) but the wind helped dry the surface and the grass showed perceptible signs of growth.

Winner of the Monthly Medal was new member Russell Bryan on 67. Russell had a particularly commendable back 9 three over par 36. A shot behind was Nigel Gaymond and 3rd Julian James 70. Results...

This is the first Grand Medal Trophy (best 5 from 8 for Sunday play) round. R1 Leader board...

22 February

Winter Comp Rd 8 / Dukes Eclectic Rd 4


With the forecast predicting heavy rain in the afternoon, the ladies were hoping for a speedy round to get them in before then and the sunny and blue skies at the start appeared to indicate that the weathermen had got it wrong again. Sadly this was not the case and the day deteriorated, along with the ladies' scores, into a very cold, windy and finally wet day.

Only two of the ladies managed a score in the 30s, and winning her first individual competition was Tenesi Karakaneva with 32 points, followed one point behind by Deborah Potter. Well done ladies! Results...

This was the final round of the Duke's Eclectic and there was no change to the scores from the previous round. So Sheena Harrington maintained the lead she had held through each round to win by three shots from Val Riziotis. Final Leader board...


A frosty start gave variable bounce but this gave way to a chill wind and for later competitors the forecasted rain. So conditions overall tough on Duke’s.

A fine 37 points gave victory to Graham Terry who earns a handicap reduction to 19 with Winter Comp contender Danny Deprez 2nd on 35. Results...

The score in the final round didn’t alter previous positions in the Winter Competition and so Jay Barker is confirmed as the winner – well done Jay! Second is Ed Henery. Final Leader board...

Some consolation for Ed however in winning the Duke’s Eclectic on 66.5 from Mike Shabani 67.5 and Danny 68. Final Leader board...

Cash prizes are awarded for the overall Winter Comp and both Eclectics following a computation by Nick our treasurer.

15 February

Winter Comp Rd 7 / Princes Eclectic Rd 4


The day morphed from a grey start to a sunny afternoon and the ladies had evidently heard the weather forecast with a good turnout for the last round of the Princes' Eclectic. Using her new clubs to good effect, Cheryl Woodhouse was the day's winner on 36 points, with Jayne Maxwell in 2nd place on 34 points, Deborah Potter was a further 3 points behind in 3rd place, but scored a good 20 points on the back 9 - Have you solved that putting conundrum at last Deborah?? Results...

As expected and reported two weeks ago, Val Riziotis maintained her lead to win the Prince's Eclectic with a net 68, and the chasing pack led by Jayne only managed to gain one shot on her, to give her a winning lead of five shots. A pretty emphatic victory - well played Val. Final Leader board...


The day developed into a very pleasant early Spring day with much sunshine that continued to bathe the clubhouse well after play. The grass might just be beginning to grow again but conditions underfoot were variable reflecting rain a few days previously.

Two fine rounds of 39 points headed the leader-board with Martin Heinrich the winner from Nigel Gaymond on count back. One point behind with an excellent four over par 72 was James Barker. Results...

In the associated Winter Competition with just one round left it looks like a 5 horse race with James Barker now leading on 114 with Ed hennery 113, Danny Deprez 112, Martin 111 and Mike Shabani 110. R7 Leader board...

The winner of the Prince's Eclectic is Paul Brown 60 from Jon Cooper 62.5. Well done Captains! Final Leader board...

8 February

Monthly Medal / Team Event


A gorgeous sunny day saw seven ladies do battle in a team game involving two teams of four (including one mystery player). The results could not have been closer. Both teams scored 57 points over 18 holes, both teams scored 33 points on the back 9, both teams scored 14 on the back 3. Only on the last hole could they be separated with Tenesi's 4 for 4 trumping Alison's 4 for 3.

The winning team of Val, Tenesi, Doreen and Jayne (mystery player) were rewarded with brightly coloured thermal socks. The others did not depart empty handed as the Lady captain in anticipation of Valentine's Day rewarded them with chocolate heart lollipops. Results...


A sunny late winter day after a drying wind all week provided good opportunities for scoring. Ed Henery came out top to win the medal on 71, two ahead of Pete Harrison with Jim Fogarty and Paul Brown one shot further back. Results...

1 February

Winter Comp Rd 6 / Princes Eclectic Rd 3


The cold and wind made the conditions decidedly unpleasant along with similar results for most of the ladies. Val Riziotis, however, seemed completely unaffected by it, taking first place with 35 points, some seven points ahead of Tenesi Karakaneva. With CSS coming down to 35, the rest of the field received a 0.1 back on their handicaps. Results...

As might be expected with such a result, Val is also still leading the Eclectic after three rounds. She will take some beating in the last round, extending her lead of one to 6 shots from Jayne Maxwell in second place. R3 Leader board...


A cold penetrating northerly wind set the scene for the day with only a slow amelioration. Nevertheless, there were some good scores returned with Martin Heinrich the winner on 40 points. Crisp and accurate play earned Peter Harrington 2nd place on 39 points with new Cap’n Paul Brown two points further back. Results...

Martin’s 40 was handy in the overall Winter Competition where he now has a four point advantage on 116 from Danny Deprez and Ed Henery. R6 Leader board...

The round was the penultimate for the Prince's Eclectic and Paul leads by 1.5 on 64 from Ed. R3 Leader board...

29 January

Annual Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions are due on 1st February. The rate remains unchanged at £50, with Senior members paying £25 (65 and over on 1st February).

Please check this recent Committee Notice for details and payment options.

25 January

Annual General Meeting

A scintillating AGM was held at the clubhouse after the morning round, with the usual officer reports and discussions.

For those members not able to attend the Secretary's Report for 2014 is available at this link...  And the 2015 Committee is available at this link.

25 January

Winter Comp Rd 5 / Dukes Eclectic Rd 3


An interesting day underfoot! With frozen fairways and greens, the balls skittered around for the first few holes, before the temperature rose enough to revert to the more usual squelchy conditions. As a result scoring was variable amongst the ladies.

Jayne Maxwell played her usual steady game, finishing with a birdie on the 18th to win the day's competition with 34 points. Sheena Harrington and Val Riziotis were three behind on 31 points. With scoring at this level, CSS increased by two to 75 and 34 points. Results...

After 3 rounds of the Eclectic Sheena has maintained her lead of three shots from Val, but Jayne is now also three shots back. R3 Leader board...


A frozen clubhouse pond and hard frosty conditions greeted competitors as an additional challenge. The going was good to muddy and soft in places.

Ed Henery emerged the winner in spite of some short putting with a highly commendable 39 points. Two behind was Mike Shabani, first nine 23 points but three blobs on the back, and 3rd Danny Deprez 36. Results...

In the associated Winter Competition, Ed and Danny share the overall lead on 112, four ahead of James Barker and Martin Heinrich. R5 Leader board...

With the last round of the Duke's Eclectic to be played Ed and Mike share the lead on 68.5. R3 Leader board...

18 January

Winter Comp Rd 4 / Princes Eclectic Rd 2


Luckily for us the weathermen got it wrong and although it was a predominantly grey and cold day, it remained dry. This didn't really help most of the ladies, and change in SSS certainly didn't! With the CSS going up by two to 71, Jayne Maxwell, today's winner played within her buffer zone to cause the rest of the group to get 0.1 back. Jayne won by three points with 34 from Val Riziotis in second place. Results...

After 2 rounds of the Eclectic, positions are switched, with Val leading the way by one shot from Jayne. Six ladies have now registered a score for this eclectic, but these two have a cushion of eight shots on the chasing group. R2 Leader board...


Cold conditions limited length of ball flight and conditions were decidedly muddy on a number of holes. This proved little obstacle to the in-form James Barker who clinched victory with 41 points, two ahead of Charles Ajani and Paul Brown and a further point ahead of Danny Deprez. The handicap committee applied a recommended Exceptional Scoring Reduction to James who is now 5.5 playing 6. Well done indeed James! Results...

James is now tied with Martin Heinrich half way through the associated Winter Competition and just one ahead of Danny Deprez. R4 Leader board...

In the Prince's Eclectic Ed Henery leads by 2.5 from James on 66.5. R2 Leader board...

11 January

Winter ComP Rd 3 / Dukes Eclectic Rd 2


A good turn out for the ladies on a day of tricky winter golf conditions saw scoring to be a challenge. As a result it was another reduction only round. The winner on the day was Gina Jillett on 30 points, followed by Val Riziotis and Jayne Maxwell on 25 points. Results...

In the Eclectic, Sheena Harrington, despite playing only 12 holes, still leads the way after two rounds, by three shots from Val Riziotis. Five ladies have now posted a score for each hole. R2 Leader board...


A cold start and finish interspersed with welcome sunshine. Muddy throughout and just the right degree of moisture to foul up trolley wheels. Despite these conditions, James Barker rose as cream to the top to win on 35 points, just one ahead of Jon Cooper and one further ahead of Cuneyt Sazer. CSS dropped (stableford) to SSS 36-2 =34 and James again earned a .2 handicap reduction to 7.6. Results...

Reflecting his dominance, James leads the Duke's Eclectic after 2 of 4 rounds by no less than five from Mike Shabani. R2 Leader board...

After three rounds of the Winter Competition Martin Heinrich is the current leader on 102, two clear of Ed Henery. R3 Leader board...

4 January

Monthly Medal / Team Event


Only 3 ladies turned up for the January team event, which made the team arrangements a little tricky. As a consequence, each played their own ball, but no cards were exchanged, It was a challenging day with little visibility at the start, and alternative icy or muddy conditions on the greens. Doreen, Sheena and Tenesi had some good and some not so good holes, but had it been a qualifier, it would have been reduction only! Onwards and upwards for the next 51 weeks of 2015. Results...


A chilly start with early fog and patchy frost set the scene for competitors. Most found it challenging to score well but the one notable exception was James Barker who went out in level par and returned a net 63. James wins the Millennium Jug and earns a handicap reduction to 7.8 – well done indeed. Nigel Ward and Mike Shabani took 2nd and 3rd places with a count back separating their 71s. Results...

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