Call-up Holes - Prince's Course

We already have a policy of playing the long par 3 "13th Hole" as a 'call up' hole.

We are extending this 'call up' policy to the par 4 "14th Hole" and also the par 4 "17th Hole".

The underlying reason for extending the policy is that both the 14th and 17th holes are very short driveable par 4s and we are encountering course delays as players wait for the greens to clear before teeing off.

For those unfamiliar with the 'call up' process the action to take is pretty straightforward and a degree of common sense needs to be applied.

When a 4-ball reaches the green on the specified holes the game needs to check if anyone in the following game is waiting to tee off.

If so, the balls on the green should be marked and lifted and the players in the following group should be invited to tee off.

The players at the green should try and keep an eye on any errant tee shots because we all want ball searching to be kept to a minimum.

Quite clearly the hole should be finished by the players at the green when it is safe to proceed.


Peter Harrington
20 May 2016