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23 April

Monthly Medals


With conditions underfoot more reminiscent of mid-summer run than April mud on the fairways, the state of the greens were slightly easier to deal with, and it was probably those that hadn't been treated that caused more problems. There was some good scoring from the field of 10 and with 3 of the field beating the SSS, it is no surprise that the CSS went down one to 68.

Habe Crocker continues her good form to record a net 67, but she was piped into 2nd place by Sheena Harrington who came in with a 66. Both players receive playing handicap cuts. Caroline Stilwell was the third lady to beat SSS with a net 68. Special mention to Cheryl Woodhouse who kept within her buffer zone despite recording a 10 on one hole. Results...


The effects of the works that Glendale carried out this week were still visible. Greens were slow and unpredictable on the front 9 but sped noticeably on most of the holes on the back 9.

A lot of the players who played Saturrday's Greensomes seemed to struggle today. Nigel Ward put on a show. A net 64 (gross 79) would be good enough on any day to win a Medal comp. Today however he was only able to hold off Damian Hackett based on the countback rule. So the prize money and cocktail glass are yours Nigel. Damian will have nightmares about the 15th hole (just don't blame your 8 on the players who you let play through on that hole!). Jim Fogarty's solid round of 66 puts him in 3rd place. Kim Chaffart, Keith Cassidy and Brian McMahon complete the Top6. Roger Rojas thought he was playing a links course today and tried to use his 3-iron off the tee on most of the holes. The results speak for themselves. On a final note: if you need any advice on how to play flop shots please get in touch with Kerry Sargeant. Results...

Nigel Ward's handicap gets cut to 14. Damian Hackett gets a healthy cut completed with an Exceptional Scoring Reduction of one stroke. His new handicap now stands at 10. Well done to both of them.

CSS: 67

22 April

Spring Mixed

Spring Mixed competitors faced a nippy start to their round on Saturday but finished in glorious sunshine. The format, American Greensomes allowed the teams 3/8ths of their combined handicaps with the ladies receiving an extra shot.

Strong pairings meant that there was only 7 points difference between 1st and last place. Mike Shabani and Lia Donath proved that dressing in team colours really does intimidate opponents and drive performance, achieving top spot with an excellent 41 points. Deborah Potter and Peter Osgood, winners of last years mixed knockouts worked out who was the stronger in that pairing when Deborah and her partner Nick Rogers beat Peter and Joan Mulcahy to second place.

Thanks to the club for providing food and refreshments for the day. 

19 April

Midweek Medal

Maintenance work by Glendale meant that the course was inundated with temporary greens. As a result today's comp became a Non-Qualifier.

Tim Vaughn-Spencer rebounded from a tough loss in the JH Taylor comp to post an excellent score of 67 (Net - 73 gross). God knows what his score would've been if his driving hadn't been sub-par today. Gunnar Sundberg came out firing on the front 9: eagle on 2 and birdie on 3 vaulted him to a gross 38 on the front 9. He faded a little on the way in. A few wayward holes mean that Gunnar has to settle for 2nd today based on the countback rule. Alexander Krasnenkov played steady golf (2 birdies didn't hurt) to finish 3rd with a 69 Net. Sure you want to order those new clubs Alex? Peter Osgood, Dominik Leisi and Jay Barker complete the Top6. Henry L-B's round was excellent except 2 holes which cost him a place in the Top6 if not more. Results...

CSS: n/a

16 April

Easter Sweep

The course keeps drying out providing extra roll on the fairways. Although the greens seemed to be improving slightly it remains a challenge to hold the balls with your approaches.

A few players (Paul R., Roger R. & Kim) played good front 9's but faltered on the way in. Saving energy for the back 9 proved to be the way to go today. The leaderboard was extremely tight. Four players ended with the same points total (37pts). Tenesi wins today's comp based on the countback rule (her score over the last 6 holes proved to be the tie-breaker). The Mexican sun hasn't affected Darren's good form who has to settle for 2nd (keep that going during the Midweek KO comp please). Lee Marshall played consistent golf (19pts out and 18pts in) but a poor 18th hole knocked him back into 3rd. Ray was able to follow up an excellent front 9 (20pts) with a consistent 17pts on the way in to take 4th. Jayne M. and Kyojung Lee complete the Top6. Results...

CSS: 36 (Men & Ladies)

12 April

Priory Cup

The course is starting to suffer from swirling winds and lack of rain over the last couple of weeks. Therefore Prince's is starting to dry out quickly. Once the field were aware of today's competition format the scoring proved to be decent. Ann Gardner is keeping up her excellent form (I pity the team that will face her in the Ladies Double C comp). A storming front 9 (score of 4up) combined with steady back 9 (2up) equals a score of 6up. More than enough to become today's runaway winner . Ann's playing handicap gets cut to 28. Well done! Adrian Hurley went out in one of the early groups and posted an excellent score of 3up. Henry L-B, still riding high after his win in Sunday's Clapham Common comp finishes 3rd with a score of 2up. Alexander Kransnenkov, Seong Lim and Ted Holt (see Ted it wasn't too difficult to keep up your score?) complete the Top6. Results...

CSS: 2Up (Men & Ladies)

9 April


The glorious weather seemed to inspire a reduced field. Birdies and eagles galore were the result. Nobody proved a match for Brian McMahon today. After a "slow" start Brian came alive on the back 9 to score 23pts. His total of 40pts earn him a well deserved victory. David Sandifer was even hotter on the back 9 (25pts !). His weaker outward 9 (total score 38pts) means that he has to settle for 2nd. The last member of today's Top3, Martin Heinrich, came out all guns blazing (21pts) but softened inward. Based on countback Martin has to settle for 3rd. Paul Rockett (who eagled the 9th), Eelco Snijders and Barry Page complete the Top6. Results...

CSS: 37 pts (Men & Ladies)

9 April

Spring Weekend Away

Report due soon. Report...

5 April

Masters Bowl

Conditions to play golf were very good. However the field of 34 players (another big turnout - thank you all) struggled to master (!) the course. Only 3 players managed to shoot below their handicap today. The late starters faced some issues with an unpredictable water sprinkler on the 1st hole. Fresh from his NAPGC win (teamed with Brett) Mark Rosamond posted a 71 (Net) to become leader in the clubhouse. His score was matched by Richard Owen who went out early to prepare for Sunday's Clapham Common Pairs match with Mike S. Not sure how an 18-hole medal round can prepare you for such a test. Shout-out to Joseph Shin who had a tap-in birdie on the 14th after he stiffed his wedge approach 2 feet away from the pin. Toby Hunt put in a steady round of 70 (Net). Jeremy Ryan finishes in the Top3 (again) thanks to his score of 70 (Net). The only player to master today's course was Patrick Poletti. A storming score of 40 (out) was followed by steady back 9. His end score of 69 (Net) would've been better had it not been for an untidy 18th hole. Patrick's playing handicap gets cut by 1.5 strokes and now stands at 18. Well done. Mark Rosamond, Richard Owen and Seong Lim complete the Top6. Results...

CSS: 71 (Men) & 73 (Ladies)

2 April

Platinum Jubilee

Conditions to play golf seemed very inviting: mild temperatures, freshly cut fairways/greens and no winter tees. Surprisingly scoring proved tricky today. No winter tees meant that the course played quite a bit longer for the men (playing the 17th from the original back tees again was an unwelcome surprise).

Danny Deprez recovered from celebrating carnival in Belgium and played very consistent golf. A score of 69 (Net) was good enough to become leader in the clubhouse. It didn't prove good enough to win today. His score was bettered by two ladies. Habe Crocker continued her good form by going out +1 (36 gross). A "softer" back 9 meant a total score of 68 (Net). That score was matched by Joan Mulcahy, who recovered from an untidy outward 9. Joan's superior back 9 (43 gross) elevates her into 1st place. Brian McMahon (69 Net), Stephen Mason (70 Net) and Tenesi Karakaneva (70 Net) complete the Top6. Results...

CSS: 71 (Men) & 73 (Ladies). Lots of handicap changes.

29 March

Midweek Sweep

The field were met with freshly cut fairways and greens that are drying quickly thanks to those ever present swirling winds (no sun today unfortunately). Watering the course/the greens wouldn't hurt (trying hard not to mention the "R" word).

Conditions clearly were no problem for the field. CSS increased with 2pts. 38pts were needed to play to your handicap. These are the days that make a midweek captain proud (guess that's what I have to cling to if my own round is awful). Good to see Alison's game getting into the grove. Just keep this form going for the Mixed KO's please.

Tamas Ladacs put together a great round of 43pts (24pts out & 19pts in) to set the early pace. His playing partners Eelco Snijders (41pts) and Ray Esin (40pts) also put up great numbers but couldn't match Tamas. Crushing the front 9 clearly was the theme of the day (23pts - Ann Gardner, 21pts - Darren, Paul Cook, Cheryl, Jeremy Ryan).
Only a few players were able to master the back 9. Keith's eagle on the 14th enabled him to score 20pts on the way in. MIke Jones and Jeremy Ryan netted 22pts on the back 9. Jeremy's consistent play helped him to 1) match Tamas' score and 2) take the day's win based on countback. As a consolation Tamas' handicap gets a healthy cut. Jeremy on the other hand sees his handicap drop to 12. Well played everybody. Results...

CSS: 38pts (Men & Ladies)

26 March

Coronation Cup

A big field for the 1st of this year's Top Dog events.

Tony Berqvist played 17 very good holes. A net score of 63 and a position as leader in the clubhouse was the result. Peter Osgood had 3 birdies to put him on route to a score of 65 net. Pete Davis played solid golf and ended on a score of 65 net but is beaten by Peter on the basis of countback. Anis Driaa and Mike Cullinane both finish on 66. What about the ladies you ask? Only one lady finished in the Top 10 today. Congrats to Habe Crocker who put together a marvellous round of 61 to become today's Top Dog. It could've been a totally different story if Tony had kept it together on the 18th... Habe's handicap drops down to 14. Tony now plays off 12. Results...

CSS: 67 (Men) & 69 (Ladies). Lots of handicap changes. Please take note of your new handicap.

22 March

Midweek Sweep

17 players braved foul weather for today's Midweek Sweep. Seems like the weather got the better of most of the field. Only 3 of today's players remained inside their buffer zone. Shaun Dupreez will probably thank Peter Osgood for dragging him out to the course today. He was in a league of his own: 22pts out & in equal a well earned victory. The best of the rest were Tore and Jeremy. All other 14 players unfortunately finished outside of their buffer zone and earn a +0.1 on their handicap. Shaun's handicap gets a massive 2.7 reduction and his new handicap now stands at 19. Results...

CSS: 36pts (Men), 35pts (Ladies)

19 March

Spring Stableford Rd2 / Better Ball


The rare opportunity for both a non-qualifier and pairs competition brought several ladies out of hibernation for the 4BBB. Having already won the singles stableford, Val Riziotis made it a matching pair with her partner, Cheryl Woodhouse, scoring 40 points. These two made it look easy and it was 2nd place that was a close run with Doreen Dolby and last week's medal winner, Deborah Potter, taking it on the back 9 from Veronica Mitchell & Susan Smith on 36 points.

As is traditional, the ladies gathered for some chips & dips as prizes for both legs of the Spring Meeting, along with outstanding eclectics and medals were awarded. With the weather severely reducing the field in a number of weeks, those who simply turned up or were out of the prizes were rewarded with chocolate eggs from the lady captain. Results...


Tricky conditions for Round 2 of the Spring Stableford. The wind that became stronger during the course of the day caused a lot of trouble. The 15th almost played like a Par 5 today (the 17th on the contrary was there for the taking). Steadying yourself over the back 9 proved to be very good recipe for success.

Lee Marshall went out as one of the first starters and absolutely nailed it today. 20pts out and a glorious 22pts in made him a runaway winner today. As a result Lee's handicap gets cut by 1.8 strokes. On top of that his recent form gets rewarded with a additional 0.5 cut. So Lee's new handicap stands at 12! Very well done. Julian James confirmed his excellent form by finishing second today with 38pts. Despite numerous obvious breaches of etiquette rules Richard Owen posted a very balanced round of 37pts to finish 3rd. Peter Osgood's excellent front 9 was followed by a steady back 9 to take 4th place. Shout out to Keith Cassidy whose excellent back 9 (21pts) allowed him to finish 5th. Paul Green completes the Top6. Results...

Over the 2 rounds Richard Owen finishes with 75pts to overtake 1st Rd leader Tony Kopczak and win the Spring Stableford. Results...

CSS for the day: 36pts

15 March

Midweek Sweep

Weather conditions were excellent to play golf: the field were met with mild temperatures, sun and drying fairways. Scoring proved very good (again).

Henry L-B played a very consistent round (19pts out & 20pts in) to set the early pace. Richard Owen was able to recuperate his ball on the fairway of the 15th after someone had mistakenly used his ball (that's what happens if you mix up the fairways of the 7th and the 15th Richard). Remarkably Richard stuck to it and came home with a very impressive 22pts on the back 9 (total 38pts). Mike Jones also had a very good back 9 (20pts) to score 38pts. Darren and Jeremy had less (!) impressive back 9's and therefore were beaten into 5th and 6th based on countback. Shout-out to Ann Gardner who had very good round but 37pts was not enough to get into the Top6 today. Henry's plea to Kim Chaffart to take it easy had the reverse effect. Kim recovered from a poor start and a no score on the 16th to better Henry's score by 1pts and take today's win. Results...

CSS: 37pts (Men & Ladies)

12 March

Monthly Medals


Eleven competitors in today's Ladies Monthly Medal. Congrats to Deborah Potter on her victory. Her consistent round of golf gets rewarded with a nice handicap cut. Her new playing handicap is 28. Well done!

Congrats also to Habe for remembering to sign her card today and more importantly for her birdie on the 16th. Results...

CSS: 70


Another week, another comp and another ace at RPGC. Congrats to Tony Berqvist for acing the 4th today. He joins Richard Owen and Chris Jones who have scored aces this year.

Weather didn't turn out as bad as forecast. That seemed to inspire the field to some really good scoring. Some stats: in order to finish in the Top6 today you had to shoot 65 (Net) and there were 10 (!) Two's recorded today (amongst them 2 eagles on the 14th and the 18th). Playing your handicap was not enough today to be in contention.

There's 2 ways to shoot a 63 (Net): Julian James choose the Seve/Arnold Palmer way with birdies, eagle, bogeys and double bogeys. Paul Brown on the other hand emulated Nick Faldo at Muirfield: not a single birdie today. The Paul Brown/Nick Faldo way prevailed. Paul Brown beat Julian based on countback. As a reward Paul receives the prize money, a cocktail glass and a new playing handicap of 11. Early starters Mike, Ray, Roger and Richard Owen complete the Top6. Results...

CSS: 66 (Net)

8 March

Midweek Medal

Congratulations to Chris Jones for acing the 7th hole today! Ignoring the ominous weather forecast proved to be an excellent choice for a brief moment. Peter Osgood nearly aced the 16th hole to cap off an eventful day (as a consolation he did birdie the hole).

On to the normal order of the day. The early morning starters probably faced the worse weather conditions. Brett Colley & Peter Osgood both scored net 72. Jeremy Ryan played a very consistent round to take the lead in the clubhouse with 82 strokes (net 68). Although the greens were not his best friend today Tamas finished with a 86 (net 69) just one stroke behind Jeremy. Late starters Jay & Keith knew what they were up against and delivered. Keith finished on 79 (net 67) to become today's runner-up. Jay wins the comp & the RPGC cocktail glass thanks to a blistering 72 (net 66). Toby Hunt & Stephen Mason complete the Top6. Results...

CSS: 69 (Men) & 73 (Ladies)

5 March

Spring Stableford Rd1 / Medal Meeting


A mere 6 brave and hardy ladies took to the course in the rain, however it wasn't long before the sun came out no doubt making those who cried off regret their decision. Not that conditions underfoot were great and the wind shortened many a shot such that CSS went to 34 points.

Winner with 32 points was Val Riziotis who had a storming 19 points o the front 9, but couldn't capitalise on it. Sheena Harrington was 3 points behind in 2nd place. Results...


Notwithstanding the ominous weather forecast a reduced field went out for the 1st leg of the Men's Spring Stableford Round. Mud, rain and strong winds met the field. Conditions gradually improved over the course of the morning. The later starters therefore arguably had the better playing conditions.

Tony Kopczak had a stellar score of 40pts (20 out & in) to win today's comp. Richard Owen finished 2nd with an excellent score of 38pts (21pts out & 17 in) in the trickier conditions. Paul Brown seems liberated since giving up the Men's Captaincy. Another solid round (37pts) gives him a Top3 finish. Roger Rojas, Jon Cooper and Paul Green complete the Top6. Results...

CSS: 36pts

1 March

Midweek Inaugural Trophy

The field were met with muddy fairways and receptive greens for today's Midweek Inaugural Trophy.  One player in particular seemed to appreciate today's conditions. Ted Holt blew everybody away with a fantastic score of 44pts. I guess if you start your round with birdies on the first 2 holes you know you'll have a good day at the office. As a result Ted's handicap gets cut by 2.1 strokes and now stands at 17. Well done! Early leaders in the clubhouse John Ahad (38pts) and Paul Green (37pts) finish on the podium. Chris Jones (36pts), Habe Crocker (36pts) and Gunnar Sundberg (35pts) complete the Top 6. Results...

CSS: 37pts (Men & Ladies)

26 February

Winter Comp Rd 8 / Princes Eclectic Rd 4


As the winter season drew to an end with the last of the eclectics, the ladies' scores indicated a new spring in their step for the coming season. For the first time in many weeks, most of the scores were in the 30s rather than 20s. Hopefully this is down to good play rather than just that conditions underfoot were reasonably dry and the strong winds during the week had abated until the last few holes. Taking first place was Sheena Harrington on 36 from Cheryl Woodhouse and Valerie Parker who both scored 34 points. CSS remained at 37 points. Results...

Unlike the Duke's eclectic, the Prince's Eclectic had a different leader after each round and despite Jayne Maxwell dropping some 7 shots in this round. The winner was Val Riziotis, who had played in only one previous round, but had picked up on one of the holes so did not figure on the leaderboard until today where she beat Jayne on countback. Final leader board...


Before we go to the report we have congratulate Richard Owen for acing the 11th today. So in the future whenever Richard claims his ball will end up short take that with a grain of salt.

On to the normal order of the day. Effects of yesterday's rain were clearly visible today (thank god we didn't play Duke's). Muddy fairways, receptive greens and a wind that became very strong towards end of play were some of today's challenges.

The day belonged to the early starters. Darren Enthoven put in glorious back 9 (25pts - total score 41pts) to win today's comp. Kyong Lee played consistent golf (21pts out + 19pts in) to finish second. Same can be said for Mike Shabani (20pts + 19pts) who completes the Top 3 (BTW: all three of them were early starters ...). John Cooper (38pts) notches up another high finish. Caleb Mills also netted 38pts. The last 2 and the above mentioned Richard "Ace" Owen round out the Top 6. Results...

CSS: 38pts

Report due soon for the Winter Competition. Final leader board...

In the Prince's Eclectic - report due soon. Final Leader board...

22 February

Midweek Monthly Medal

The field were met with thick clouds, strong winds and one temporary green for today's monthly medal. All in all scoring proved very decent (again).

Paul Rockett went out all guns blazing and closed the front 9 on 37 (gross). He then cruised through the back 9 on 40 strokes to finish on 77 strokes (65 net) to win today's comp. Stephen Mason put a valiant effort but a few erratic putts halted his challenge and he had to settle for 2nd on 68 net. Richard Owen had a very consistent round of 69 net to finish 3rd. The best of the rest finshed on 70 net. Peter Osgood came alive on the back 9 (39 gross) to hold off Jeremy Ryan and Adam Turner and finish 4th all on 70 net. Results...

CSS: 69 (Men) - 73 (Ladies). Paul Rockett receives a cocktail glass and an ESR. His new handicap now stands at 10.

19 February

Winter Comp Rd 7 / Dukes Eclectic Rd 4


What a change a week makes, relatively mild and dry underfoot, but the lack of run on the ball kept scoring low, but in a fairly close cluster for the 10 competitors.

Valerie Parker looked on course to win possibly her first competition, but committed that horrible sin of failing to sign her card, thus handing the win to Susan Smith. Both scored 33 points. Results...

CSS dropped two to 34 points.

Susan also wins the Duke's Eclectic having lead from start to finish. Jane Fraser made a gallant effort to catch her, finishing one shot behind. Final leader board...


Playing conditions (milder temperatures, softer greens and only one temporary green) allowed for some excellent scoring today. The 17th hole in particular seemed there for the taking.

Jon Cooper went out in the first group and helped by an eagle on the 17th he became the early leader in the clubhouse. Peter Osgood put in a valiant effort but his 38pts were just not good enough to challenge Jon.

The challenge by the later starters were led in first instance by Nigel & Nigel. Nigel Gaymond's 37pts confirm his good recent form. Nigel Ward had an excellent front 9 and his eagle on the 17th vaulted him temporarily past Jon on 40pts.

Two players were active in the previous days Overseas Comp and whatever they practiced sure worked today. Paul Brown played a very consistent round (20pts out & in) to finish second today (based on countback). Damian Hackett came out firing (22pts out) and consolidated on the back to seal the win with 42pts. Results...

CSS: 37pts

Report due soon for the Winter Competition. R7 Leader board...

In the Duke's Eclectic - report due soon. Final Leader board...

15 February

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 8

The field were met with excellent golf weather (although the timing of the greenkeepers probably didn't help the late morning starters). All in all scoring proved to be very decent (again).

Mark Rosamond went out early and posted an impressive 39pts to take the lead in the clubhouse. Two other early starters ended pretty close. John Ahad notched up 38pts and Paul Concannon netted 37pts. The late late morning starters were the only ones able to challenge the leaders. Jeremy Ryan played consistent golf to score 40pts and win today's comp. Dave Faure put together an excellent round and finished only 1pt back of Jeremy on 39pts. Tamas managed to birdie 2 of the Par 3's. This enabled him to finish sixth with 37pts. Results...

CSS: 38pts (Men + Ladies). Jeremy and Dave get rewarded with new handicaps.

Brett Colley narrowly sees off Ray Esin to win the Midweek Winter Competition. Final Leader board...

The Midweek Winter Comp final standings
1) Brett Colley 117pts
2) Ray Esin 115pts
3) Henry L-B 113pts

Brett's subpar round allowed Tamas to squeeze by him and win the Midweek Prince's Eclectic. Final Leader board...
1) Tamas Ladacs 58 Net
2) Brett Colley 59 Net
3) James Barker 61 Net

12 February

Winter Comp Rd 6 / Princes Eclectic Rd 3


A cold overcast day didn't inspire most of the ladies and the small field of 11 dropped to 9 through the 18 holes. Val Riziotis, defying the rest scored 35 points and ran out the winner by 4 points from Jayne Maxwell. Results...

The Prince's Eclectic is a considerably tighter competition than the one on Duke's and the lead has changed after each round with Joan Mulcahy taking pole after 3 rounds. R3 Leader board...


A smaller field of 35 players braved the mud, cooler temperatures and wind for the 6th Round of the Winter Competition. The result sheet speaks for itself. There was no match for Jay today. He scored 25pts (!) on the front 9. And then coasted through the back 9 with 18pts. Jay's new handicap now stands at 5! Very impressive. Nigel Gaymond came alive on the back 9 (21pts) to take 2nd with a total of 37pts. Henry L-B followed Nigel's example and came back with an impressive 22pts to finish 3rd (total 35pts). David Sandifer also netted 35pts but was beaten back into 4th based on the countback. Mark Rosamond and Nigel Ward complete the Top 6. Results...

CSS: 71

8 February

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 7

The course was still suffering from the rain of the last couple of days. Muddy fairways and 3 temporary greens were part of the challenges. Because of the number of temporary greens the committee was forced to declare today's competition a Non-Qualifier.

Usual suspect Brett Colley was leader in the clubhouse with 36pts. The day belonged to Raymond Esin who was a model of consistency over 18 holes. 20pts out combined with 21pts in vaulted him to victory. Outgoing midweek captain Richard Owen netted 36pts and beat 4 players (Brett Colley, Jeremy Ryan, Adam Turner and Henry L-B) by virtue of countback to finish 3rd. Results...

Special mention goes to Ladies Captain Alison Chadwick who holed out a hybrid on the Par 5 12th to birdie the hole (and score 5pts !)

CSS: n/a.

In the midweek Winter Competition report due soon. R7 Leader board...

Incoming midweek captain Kim Chaffart wins the Midweek Duke's Eclectic with a net score of 62, holding off Brett Colley (net 64) and Tamas Ladacs (net 65). Final Leader board...

5 February

Monthly Medal / Team Event


Report due soon. Results...


Wind, muddy fairways, slower greens made the course play pretty long today. One temporary green on the 11th hole created an additional challenge.

Honours to the early starters. Eric Lit had a brilliant round with three birdies and posted a net 67 to become leader in the clubhouse. Caleb Mills carded a very nice net 69 to finish second. Jay's eagle on the 11th put him on route to a net 70 to take 3rd. Sunny Lall, Keith Cassidy and Peter Osgood all posted net 72 to complete the Top 6. The late starters were not able to mount a serious challenge. Henry L-B came close. But his wayward back 9 prevented him from finishing higher. Results...

CSS: 71

1 February

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 6

The rain of the past days had a serious impact on the course yesterday. Casual water, no roll on the fairways and softer (slower but holding) greens were some of the challenges for the field. But it has to be said that the players were up for it. Scoring turned out be excellent.

Henry L-B and Brett Colley were among the early starters and posted a score of 38pts to become leaders in the clubhouse. But the late(r) starters were on fire. Paul House posted an excellent score of 40pts (20pts out and 20pts in) to vault into first place. Paul Rockett's outward 9 score of 22pts and a hot putter on the back 9 helpded him leap over Paul H. with 41pts. Darren Enthoven matched Paul R's score of 41pts but by virtue of a better back 9 victory belongs to Darren. Keith Cassidy (and Stella) finishes 4th to complete the Top 6. Results...

CSS: 37pts

In the midweek Winter Competition report due soon. R6 Leader board...

Report due soon for the Prince's Eclectic. R3 Leader board...

31 January

Annual Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions are due on 1st February. The rate remains unchanged at £50, with Senior members paying £25 (65 and over on 1st February).

Please check this recent Committee Notice for details and payment options.

29 January

Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held at the clubhouse after the morning round with the usual officer reports and discussions.

For easy reference click for the Secretary's Report for 2016 and the newly installed 2017 Committee.

29 January

Winter Comp Rd 5 / Princes Eclectic Rd 2


With dire weather forecast, the field was down to 6, who enjoyed a virtually dry round. Conditions were very different from last Sunday and the greens seemed very slow in comparison. Perhaps not having experienced such a contrast helped the runaway winner, Cheryl Woodhouse who shot 39 points, some seven ahead of Alison Chadwick. Results...

CSS was 36 points, giving Cheryl a cut of 1.2 in handicap.

In the accompanying Eclectic, Sheena Harrington is 0.5 ahead of Cheryl and Joan Mulcahy. However, at this stage there are still only 5 ladies with a score recorded for every hole - there is still all to play for. R3 Leader board...


The cloudy weather inspired a lot of players to some very good golf today. Maybe the greens were a bit more predictable and just a bit slower than the previous days. Lots of birdies were the result.

Top honours go to Mark Rosamond who posted an excellent score of 42pts. Barry Page proved he can score in icy conditions and softer weather by finishing second on 41pts. Tony K. (39pts), Henry L-B (39pts), Paul Concannon (39pts) and Roger Rojas (38pts) complete the Top 6. Results...

CSS ended at 37pts.

Report due soon for the Winter Competition. R5 Leader board...

In the Prince's Eclectic - report due soon. R2 Leader board...

25 January

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 5

Conditions were pretty similar to last Sunday. Predicting the bounce of the balls on fairways/greens proved near impossible. Avoiding the bunkers also proved very useful. Splashing out of the sand traps was very tricky. On top of that the early starters had to face some fog.

In light of all the above the Committee decided to make today's comp a Non-Qualifier.

Early starters Ray Esin and Paul Concannon (both on 34pts) were the leaders in the clubhouse. In the end they were narrowly beaten Kim Chaffart truly and Paul House (both on 35pts). Kim just edged Paul on countback to win the comp. Jay Barker and Richard Owen completed the Top 6. Results...

In the midweek Winter Competition report due soon. R5 Leader board...

Report due soon for the Duke's Eclectic. R3 Leader board...

22 January

Winter Comp Rd 4 / Dukes Eclectic Rd 3


A beautiful winter's day, but the frozen ground produced some interesting results - making winners out of otherwise bad shots and trouble from some good ones. Needless to say some fared better than others and scores were pretty varied. The winning score of 33 points was shared between Sheena Harrington & Jane Fraser, with Sheena taking it on the back 9. Results...

In the associated Eclectic, Susan's lead after 3 rounds has not been diminished, remaining 3.5 shots ahead of Jayne Maxwell. No change from the previous round. R3 Leader board...


The day clearly belonged to the later starters. Only Jay seemed to be able to handle the tricky conditions amongst the early birds. 34pts was good enough for the lead in the clubhouse. But as highlighted honours to the 10.00AM starters. Paul Concannon posted a stunning 42pts. Unfortunately that still didn't prove enough to win the day's comp. Barry Page netted 24pts on the front 9 and then cruised to victory with 21pts on his way in. Sunny, Roger and Phil complete the Top 6. Results...

Report due soon for the Winter Competition. R4 Leader board...

In the Duke's Eclectic - report due soon. R3 Leader board...

18 January

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 4

Winter golf came back with a vengeance today. The field were met with frosty greens and fairways. Paul Concannon looked like the best skater for a long time by posting a thumping 38pts. He was closely followed by one of the other early morning starters. Brett Colley kept up his excellent form and notched up 37pts. But the day belonged to Ray Esin: 21pts out and 18pts in (no score on the 16th hole prevented him from scoring even more points !) vaulted him into 1st place. Ted Holt beat Mike Jones and Jay Barker on countback (all scored 36pts) to finish 4th. Results...

CSS finished at 37pts. Ray is the only player getting a handicap cut.

In the midweek Winter Competition report due soon. R4 Leader board...

Report due soon for the Prince's Eclectic. R2 Leader board...

15 January

Monthly Medal / Team Event


The weather forecast had already seen off several from the booking sheet, and in the event a mere 5 stalwarts turned out. With the men's section equally sparse, there was no one behind to complain about the speed of play when just one friendly group set out as a 5-ball and one single team. As the greens got soggier along with gloves, the lure of the clubhouse and a hot cup of something was sufficient to call things to a halt after 9-holes. Results...


15 die hards braved some foul weather to compete in the Monthly Medal.

All things considered scoring turned out pretty decent. Paul Green posted a remarkable score of 64 Net to claim 1st place. Paul Rockett and Lee Marshall both posted 68 Net to complete the Top 3. Results...

CSS ended at 67. Paul Greenís playing handicap now stands at 22.

11 January

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 3

Conditions proved tricky for most of the field today. That didnít prevent a couple of decent scores.

Brett Colly continued his impressive form by posting a score of 41pts. The charge of the late morning starters was led by Jay Barker. But his valiant effort fell apart on the 18th hole and managed to ďonlyĒ post 38pts. Mark Rosamond finished 3rd. Kim Chaffart beat Chris Phillips-Jones and Ted Holt on countback to finish 3rd. Results...

CSS: 37pts (Men) - 36pts (Ladies).

In the Duke's Eclectic - report due soon. R2 Leader board...

Report due soon for the overall Winter Competition. R3 Leader board...

8 January

Winter Comp Rd 3 / Dukes Eclectic Rd 2


The lack of run on the ball seemed to have caught up with the ladies and most struggled with the conditions. CSS went down 2 to 34 points, attained only by the winner of the day, Susan Smith, thus assuring that everyone except her and second place Deborah Potter, on 31 points, received 0.1 back on their handicap. Results...

In the associated Eclectic Susan leads the way after two rounds. R2 Leader board...


A mild if dreary Sunday lay in wait for everyone, with the Park finally showing signs of typical winter play. But a good number didn't let a spot of weather interfere with their game. Sharing 40 points, Keith Cassidy pipped Pete Harrison for 1st place, with Sunny Lall and Jim Fogarty two points behind in 3rd & 4th place respectively. Results...

Pete and Sunny are continuing their great run of form, and the consistent play of Keith & Jim has seen them all get a handicap cut after today with the CSS remaining at 36 points.

In the associated Winter Competition - report due soon. R3 Leader board...

Pete is one shot ahead of Liam Bridger and Keith after two rounds in the Duke's Eclectic. R2 Leader board...

4 January

Midweek Monthly Medal

A field of 18 competitors took to the course this afternoon. Apart from a scare around 12PM the weather held up pretty well. Scoring proved pretty decent as well.

Mark Roasamond was leader in the clubhouse with a net 68. A good putting display helped Ted Holt take over the lead with a net 65. But the sting proved to be in the tail. Jay Barker made a valiant effort but came up one short (net 66 - he will regret the Par 3 16th - I still can't believe that hole is SI 18!). But in the end Keith Cassidy edged Ted on countback (Keith's back 9 of 34 gross did help ...) to win today's comp. Rajinder Sehmi and Kim Chaffart completed the Top 6. Results...

CSS finshed at 67. Keith and Jay both earn handicap cuts.

1 January

Stableford Sweep

Weather conditions proved to be far better than forecast (shame on the people on the initial start sheet who didnít turn up...). That didn't mean that the course was there for the taking. Scoring proved to be a bit of a challenge for a reduced field of players. Lee Marshall was the exception by posting a thumping score of 42pts (21pts out & 21 in). 2nd by some distance was Toby Hunt with 34pts. John Ahad edged out Anis Driaa to finish 3rd. Richard Owen and Tony Kopczak complete the Top 6. Results...

CSS ended at 34pts (Men's and Lady).

Lee Marshall is rewarded with sizeable cut in his handicap and now plays of 14. Well done!

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