Membership renewal

On 1st February we started the Club's new membership year and the annual subscriptions are now payable for the year through to 31st January 2019.

The Club has two classifications of membership; namely 'Standard' and 'Glendale Referral'. The membership rates are identical for both classifications. You are receiving this message because our records show you as a 'Standard' member and this means that we are looking to you for the payment of your 2018 subscription. To avoid confusion I have commented briefly on the Glendale Referral memberships below.

It is normal for the Club's subscription rates for the forthcoming year to be confirmed at the Club's AGM and I am pleased to report that on 28th January our core annual subscription rate of 50 and the new member joining fee of 50 were both held for 2018, the twelfth year at this rate. There is however one very significant change and the former 50% discount for seniors has been dropped. One of the factors giving rise to this change for the seniors is that the combined costs now exceed 20 per member for insurance and the affiliation fees to England Golf & Surrey Golf.

It follows that all adults will now be paying the full 50 membership fee for 2018.

Our preferred method of payment is via a bank transfer as follows:


Direct credit transfer to the Club's bank account, the details of which are:

Bank:  HSBC
Code:  40 - 02 - 35
Account number:  90701599
Account name:  Richmond Park Golf Club

Reference:  Subs - (surname)

If you use this facility please email by return to advise that the transfer has been processed.

At the Park

If you prefer to pay by cheque or cash please hand to our Treasurer, Peter Jagger, or to me. You will see that Peter is copied on this message and it would be helpful if you could reply to him to indicate your payment method.

If you prefer to pay by cash please hand to Peter or Peter.

Thank You

Whatever you decide to do - would you please email Peter J and they will be able to look out for your receipt.

We are aware that a large number of our 'Standard' members have purchased an annual 5-day or 7-day Glendale Loyaltee card. For every 12 month period that the card is held (or the starting concessionary 15 month period) the Club has the ability to invoice Glendale to recover 70 and this will be refunded to you. The monthly invoicing routine is administered by Richard Owen. For his monthly invoicing, Richard relies on our members to provide card renewal data, therefore please inform Richard at the time of renewal if this applies to you. Out of interest, the 'Glendale Referral' members are on a rolling membership basis according to the duration of their annual cards and the recoveries from Glendale are applied to cover the Club's annual subscription fees.

As always, if you should have any queries, problems, suggestions or whatever please do not hesitate to ask.


Peter Harrington
5 Feb 2018