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24 April

Midweek Sweep

Conditions were somewhat affected by the wind - longer payers e.g. Hussan reaching par 5 9th with driver and wedge. Common to all were the greens (pacy -rare at RP) with evidence still of tining and sanding. Relief could be taken from tine holes. Whilst courses need decent rain, some rough is already thick with fresh growth.

Overall, scoring was average with CSS 37 points remaining at SSS.

Jeannie Chung had an excellent round 40 points to win the sweep comp from Richard Owen on back 9 countback. 37s followed from Jim Fogarty, Brian Ransom and Sheena Harrington. Results...

Ladies (Sheena and Jeannie) monopolised the 'Twos'. Jeannie and Richard receive playing playing handicap cuts.

21 April


Near perfect golfing conditions for the field today. Were it not for some weirdly/hastily placed cups on most of the holes. The extra bounce/roll on the fairways was offset by greens that were in dire need of some water and some punishing pin positions (the pin position on 7 was pretty diabolical).

Today's report is fairly simple: the gang of 40's and the rest of the field. James Anslow went out early and kept up his excellent recent form. 20pts on the front and back nines earns him "only" 3rd place today. Shaun Dupreez was quoted recently that he "felt good about his game". I guess that recording 47pts is some way of backing up on that statement. 26pts (!) on the way out can be described as a good start. His only blemish on the back 9 was a six on the 13th (for nil points). He had to settle for "only" 21pts on the way in. 1st place and a new handicap of 18 are just rewards for an excellent morning of golf. Jim Deissler tried to put up a late charge. But his fantastic 44pts are "only" good enough for a runner-up spot today. Jim's handicap gets a healthy cut down 22. Scott Sparks. Sean O'Sullivan and 1st lady Caroline Stilwell complete the Top6. Results...

CSS: 37pts (11/36 players in the buffer)

17 April

Midweek Priory Cup

A big field enjoyed near perfect golfing conditions. Mild temperatures, a little wind and some nice roll on the fairways clearly helped. Guess we'll have to wait a couple of weeks for the greens to become more receptive.

In typical Mighty Mike style Mike Shabani came out all guns blazing. A blistering front 9 was rewarded with a score of 3UP. The jitters then got to him. But an impressive recovery over the last four holes made him leader in the clubhouse on 3UP. Kim Chaffart on the other hand couldn't centre one iron shot or drive. But some clutch chipping and putting put him in an excellent position of 5UP walking off the 16th, whereupon he then managed to record two 7's, recording a final score 3UP. But thanks to the countback he managed to push Mike into 3rd. Victory today goes to the steadiest player of the field. Tom Cook had a steady front 9 (2UP). He kept his composure on the back 9 (3UP) to claim victory by some distance. Tom's handicap gets cut to 27. Mikey and Kim earn handicap cuts too. Tamas, Arthur and Oliver complete the Top6. Results...


14 April

Platinum Jubilee

A large field gathered at the Park for another round of Winter golf. How cold was it today for the 8.00am starters? Nick Rogers gave up on his shorts and decided to properly cover up. Temperatures close to 0, chilly winds and bumpy fairways and greens proved to a few too many obstacles for most of the field. Only 16 out of 59 competitors managed to stay in their buffer.

Competent ball striking was required. Evgeny Vd Geest provided that for 15 holes. The last three holes uncharacteristically turned into a nightmare. His net score of 70 was still good enough to hold off Robin Thomas. Mark Laverty and Habib Amir earn 3rd and 4th spot respectively. First lady today is Jayne Maxwell with a net 72. Ollie Griffin strong off yesterday's victory in the Clapham Common captured 6th. Results...

Putting remained tricky. Nick and Tamas showed a more efficient way to get birdies by chipping in for birdies on holes 3 & 16.  On to the Diamond Jubilee on 9th June.

CSS: 71

10 April

Midweek Masters Bowl

A chilly vernal nip but glorious sunshine greeted 49 competitors for the Masters Bowl. The sanded and tined greens had settled down after recent rain but sand still flew up on pitches to the greens.

Early scores in the clubhouse were best 38 points and leader-board indicating CSS 35 points but eventually better scores came in and CSS ended 37 points. Louis Suárez was the fine winner on 40 points followed by new member Arthur Clark 39. Countbacks differentiated Messrs. O'Sullivan, Cohen and Shabani 38s. New lady member Jeannie Chung flew the ladies' flag on 37 off a well-handicapped 21. Results...

7 April

Monthly Medal


A large contingent of ladies were away at Donnington Valley for the weekend, more than usually play on a Sunday, so needless to say numbers at the Park were somewhat low. The two ladies who did play had a friendly knock about with some good scoring between them, possibly aided by the lack of pressure of trying to win a competition, this despite reports of the greens being somewhat variable after the earlier work on them in the week.


Until today the greenest beach in the world was the pitch at Camp Nou in Barcelona (not a joke. Non-Catalans do call the pitch of FC Barcelona the greenest beach on the face of the earth). A reduced field (blame the Ladies Away Day) could be forgiven for imagining themselves at Camp Nou. Works by the green staff left huge amounts of sand on the greens. Although not slow the greens proved to be quite unpredictable.

Just ask James A. He did everything right on the first hole: good tee-shot followed up an approach that just made the front of the green. The rest of the hole turned into a horror show. Quite remarkably that 7 seemed to relax JA and he went on to complete the 18 holes with a 65 net. An excellent back 9 allowed him to distance himself from the two other players finishing on 65 (Thomas & Thomas). Simon Malin, Nathan Street and Jan Wilken complete the Top6. Captain Nigel Gaymond made the luckiest birdie ever on the 11th (not bitter ...): a topped tee-shot ended to within tap-in distance of the hole. He didn't miss the putt. Results...

CSS: 67 (14/31 in the buffer)

Sean Thomas takes the lead in the 2019 Grand Medal Trophy (scores of 62 & 65 don't hurt). R2 Leader board...

3 April

Midweek Medal

The forecast was for a chill and thunderstorms developing but the latter did not materialise giving reasonable golfing conditions. Mid-morning players were somewhat surprised to find 3 temporary greens with work still being carried out tining, aeration on their real greens. Word was that works would have been complete.

So different players played to different greens. The decision was taken to 'abandon' the competition for handicapping purpose only - still counting however for Midweek Grand Medal. In this technical arrangement CSS is set to SSS with reductions only to handicaps.

As it happened, only Kim and Paul Grand beat SSS with 68s and are only players cut. Paul just nipped Kim on back 9 to win the medal and win a new handicap. Cheryl was 'leading lady'. Results...

31 March

Coronation Cup

What a difference a week makes in the UK. Still No Brexit and today the field faced really chilly conditions (did we really move the clocks forward to face this weather?). It was so cool that Nick Rogers decided to wear long trousers today (BTW doesn't cold weather have a negative impact on tennis elbows?). Looks like the conditions got the better of our Captain too ...

Cold weather, swirling winds and men's tees that had been moved slightly backward required some decent ball striking today. Evegeny VDG did just that. He struggled a bit on the way out (6 bogeys & 1 birdie). But an excellent back 9 (36 Gross) led him to a respectable 76 (69 net). Evgeny's handicap drops to 6. He was joined by Kamil Naidoo (you couldn't miss Tangerine Kamil today), Richard Inglis and Carmelo Di Salvo on that number. 1st lady today was Gina with a steady 70 net. Today also confirms the tradition that the ladies (almost) never win the Coronation Cup. The report started with the premise that good ball striking was required today. How about 71 gross? Chris Lordan put on a "Stripe Show". His front 9 read as follows: Bogey-Bogey-Birdie-Par-Eagle (!) - Birdie - Birdie - Par - Bogey = 33 gross. 38 gross) on the back 9 with two more birdies bring his tally for today to 71 (64 net). Chris' handicap moves back to 6. A good day at the office. Results...

CSS: 71 (Men) - 73 (Ladies)

Needless to say that Chris takes the lead in the Top Dog rankings. R1 Leader board...

27 March

Midweek Stableford Sweep

Calm and dry but grey conditions allowed 52 competitors to focus on their golf for the Sweep competition. Scoring overall was good with CSS raised to 38 points.

Early player Prlab Barua held the lead until late in the day when Doug Donaghey retuned a stonking gross 80 and 42 points to win. No fewer than four on 41 had to be separated by countback: Pralab, Stephen Haworth, leading lady Susan Hempsell and Hassan Mouilah. Results...

Hassan shot level par 68 in his round and indeed was two under through 10. Well done indeed and Hassan earns Category 1 handicap @ 5.4.

24 March

Spring Stablefoird Rd 2


Today was a perfect day for golf and the second round of the Spring Meeting 4BBB. There was a great turn with 12 ladies in 6 pairs.

It was a fun and enjoyable day, the results were very close with all scores between 33 and 38 and anticipation building until the last scores were entered.

Congratulations to Joan and Sonia who won on 38 with a countback and a close second were Angela and Jessamie, with Ronnie and Caroline only 3 points behind on 35. Results...

Nibbles and prizes were the perfect way to finish after the game and lovely to have sunshine all day.


A beautiful day at the Park today. Too bad some of us ruined it by playing golf (myself included). The course is slowly improving: less mud although the greens could do with a truer roll. Most of the field overcame some of the tricky pin positions on the back 9.

Carmelo Di Salvo went out in the last game and overtook everybody with a brilliant score of 43pts (21pts out & 22pts in). John Ahad also played in that game and took 3rd with an excellent score of 41pts. Wedged between these two is Paul Brown who played consistent golf (20 & 21pts) to claim 2nd. Mike Shabani had 3 birdies today. As usual he took out his driver on nearly every hole. But after walking off the 16th with 39pts he - for some reason - decided to play safe. He left the driver in the bag. Result: only 2pts on the last 2 holes. Charlie Whiteman and Nigel Ward complete the Top6 with nice scores of 40 and 39pts respectively. Paul Grand narrowly missed out in the Top6 despite a superb 22pts on the way in. Evegeny Vd Geest recorded an eagle on the 18th in his first competition with the club. A sign of more to come? Results...

CSS: 37pts

The overall Spring Stableford goes to Mister Consistent Luke Baker with a score of 75pts. Last week's winner Kerry had a day to forget, opening the door for Luke.

20 March

Midweek Medal

Having roared in like a lion, March does indeed like going out like a lamb. There was a brief early vernal nip in the air but otherwise cloudy and pleasantly mild. Ideal for golf albeit still muddy in places.

A late card from Álvaro Garcia-Hoz won the medal with an absolutely amazing net 63 proved the worthy winner. Kerry Sargeant headed Oliver Khan on countback 66s. But Kerry shot the lights out on the more difficult back 9 - level par with two birdies. Results...

With 55% overall being within 'buffer', CSS was reduced by one from SSS (men 71->70, ladies and 73=>72). Having scored 41 points on Sunday, Kerry earns an additional ESR (Exceptional Scoring Reduction) of 1 - and now plays off 6 - a reduction of 4 from 10 this year Well done!!

17 March

Spring Stablefoird Rd 1


Fortunately the rain stayed away until we had finished our Spring Meeting Stableford competition on St Patrick’s Day with a good turn out of 16 ladies. It was a combination of both fresh and energising if also muddy and depleting.

Tenesi Karakaneva continues her good form with an impressive 39 points and a well-deserved handicap reduction, ten ahead of the next best lady Susan Smith, with Angela Flynn as a close third. Results...


Less wind but more mud. Pick your poison. Looks like the field is really yearning for some better weather.

Kerry's been puting in some extra practice by playing a few midweek competitions. Looks like the practice is paying off. An excellent score of 41pts (20pts out and 21pts in) puts Kerry in a very strong position leading up to Round 2 next Sunday. Kerry's handicap drops from 10 to 8. Luke Baker takes 2nd thanks to a stomping outward 9 (22pts). James Anslow's excellent back 9 (20pts) gets rewarded with 3rd place. Kamil is rediscovering a bit of good form to reach 37pts (he will regret the last 2 holes). Chris Lordan and yours truly complete the Top6. Results...

Oliver Maskell for once controlled his fade to drive the 18th green with his 3 wood. His eagle putt lipped out. The "Battle of the Shanks" between Mark Rosamond and Peter Osgood was won by Mark. I stopped counting the number of actual shanks on the back 9. Looks like the Men's Captain will need a bit more time to get used to his new driver (full disclosure: his old one snapped in the boot of an Uber car).
Realistically Luke, James and Kamil are the only ones left with a fighting change to catch Kerry in Round 2 of the Spring Trophy.

CSS: 35pts

13 March

Stableford Sweep

Pre-equinoctial gale 'Gareth' provided plenty of challenge but statistically not as much as winds for the past Sunday game. With just 23% within buffer CSS was 'only' lowered one from SSS 37 to 36 points.

Undeflected by the wind, Stephen Haworth shot a solid 40 points to win the sweep from a very creditable 39 from Kerry Sargeant (22 back 9). Pralab and Secretary Peter Harrington filled the frame in the winners' enclosure with 38s. Stephen is cut from 17 to 16 whilst Kerry is just .1 away from getting back to a single figure handicap. Results...

Turnout was again good for midweek at 41.

10 March

Monthly Medals


What a day the ladies chose for their first medal round of the year. The gale force blustery winds didn't exactly enhance anyone's game with the best score being a net 80.

A fair number of ladies withdrew leaving a small group of 7 with only one gross score below a 100. CSS went up 3 to 72 resulting in a reduction only round.

With two ladies recording 80, Tenesi Karakaneva took the honours with the better back 9 from Fiona Coombe. Results...


This was probably one of those days when staying home and not playing golf would've been the right decision. The course was clearly showing signs of the rain of the last couple of days. When the rain stopped around 8.30 there was no reprieve whatsoever for the competitors. The wind decided to pick up some serious speed. Most of the holes played into the wind. Judging club distances proved to be very complicated. Lining up putts turned out to be tricky too. Only way to steady yourself was widen your stance and try as hard as possible to make abstraction of the wind. Numbers will back up these claims. Until Sean Thomas and Paul Brown recorded their scores the Competition was deemed to be "Reduction Only".

Sean Thomas managed to "keep the ball in the middle of the fairway". He did something else right: 39 on the way out and 35 inward - gross. An excellent 74 (62!!! net) earns Sean a massive 1.8 handicap cut all the way down to a new hcp of 10. Paul Brown recorded a very decent score of 68 net to claim second. Bruno, Mike, Richard and Kerry compete the Top6. Results...

CSS: 70 (you are reading correctly)

6 March

Inaugural Trophy

Blustery conditions prevailed and rain held off until the last few holes for the later games.

Alastair Whyte continued his run of good form to win the 5th Inaugural Trophy with 40 points one ahead of Bruno and two from Alexander. An early five points on the first hole held early promise for Jeremy Prescot. Results...

With 49% in buffer zone, CSS was raised from 36 to 37 points. Alastair is chopped from 29 to 27. No 'Twos' recorded.

3 March

Stableford Sweep / Texas Scramble


Guess we knew it couldn't last and with the forecast predicting rain and wind, the ladies showed more grit than many of the men as their games were decimated whereas we lost only two participants.

Proving that teams of four do not always beat those of three, the threesome of Cheryl, Tina and Julieann were victorious today with a score of 70.3. Results...

Conditions were a lot more challenging than the last scramble as the wind and mud returned, which was reflected in the higher scores and lack of birdies - but it is a fun format enjoyed by everyone, even when none of the team can make a putt of any length!


Despite ominous weather forecast 20 players decided to put on the waterproofs and take out the brollies to play some winter/autumn golf again (I must confess that I preferred last week's weather).

Rain remained light throughout the day but the wind grew stronger as the day went on. Since PP was a no-show the first game was able to finish their round in 3.5h (quite a feat for a Sunday round of golf).

Tony Kopczak dropped the Inspector Gadget rain coat and looked like a decent player today: 18pts out and 21pts in, and enough to win today's comp. TK's handicaps gets cut 0.9 strokes down to playing handicap of 17. Alexander Krasnenkov looked like the real deal for 5 holes (level par gross). Then he decided to lay up on the 6th only to go OB. He steadied himself to finish the front 9 on 20pts. He played a steady back nine but he will deeply regret the missed par putt on the 18th. AK's 2nd place gets rewarded with a new playing handicap of 12. Bruno 'Rain Man' Clerckx didn't enjoy his front nine. But he lost all inhibitions on the way in. A score of +1 gross translates into 21pts and 3rd place. Tamas gets a mention in this report for a chip-in birdie on the 16th. Results...

Finally: how do you from hero to zero in one week? After winning the Winter Comp last week Martin Heinrich decided to game a set of players irons (won't mention the name of the brand). The leader board tells the story.

CSS: 36pts (7/20 players in the buffer).

27 February

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 7

Summer conditions again prevailed on the penultimate day of meteorological winter. Competitors took advantage with 60% within their buffer zone. In this the last round of the midweek Winter Competition Richard Young shot 43 points to win with Charlie Forrest nipping Richard Hodgkinson on countback 42 points. Results...

All handicap changes were reductions so please check your latest handicap.

Richard's 42 was sufficient to win the overall Midweek Winter Competition with two 42s in his 120, four clear from long-time leader Mike Jones. Final Leader board...

Brett Colley prevailed to win the Midweek Duke's Eclectic on 56.5 - a good net 3.5 clear from Tamas Ladacs. Final Leader board..

24 February

Winter Comp Rd 8 / Princes Eclectic Rd 4


What an amazing day, who would have thought they'd be playing in shirtsleeves in Feb in the UK and a complete contrast to the freezing temperatures of a year ago. As with the previous week it didn't seem to help the golf overly much, but there were lots more scores in the 30s and CSS remained unchanged at 37 points.

The closest anyone got to it was Angela Flynn with 35 points and the day's winner. One point behind was Maureen Slade, showing a long overdue return to good scoring after her knee surgery. Results...

Angela also ran out the Eclectic winner, knocking a fair few shots off her score with today's round. Analysis of her scoring revealed that the secret was to birdie the par 3s, something Angela managed with three of them. Final Leader board...


A large field enjoyed some excellent weather. The absence of any wind created near perfect golfing conditions. It should as no surprise then that scoring proved to be very good.

HLB continued his excellent form at the Park and posted a nice score of 40pts. A tidy front 9 (level par/23pts) was followed a couple of 3 putts and "only" 17pts on the way in. Kerry Sargeant did a bit better than HLB and went out in 25pts (that's 2 under gross). An untidy tee-shot on the 10th and a no-score on the 16th (sounds familiar Paul B?) prevented him from scoring more than 15pts on the way in. As the day went on the weather and scoring got even better. Sean Thomas was another player joining the 40pts club. Given today's scoring that is only good enough for 6th today. Four players recorded a score 41pts. Countback ranks them as follows: Toby, Gunnar, Martin and Tony. The first three get rewarded with new competition handicaps

Ollie Griffin killed two birds with one stone today. His score of 41pts earns him victory in the final round of the Winter Comp. Results...

He also win the Prince's Eclectic with a net 57. Ollie's competition handicap also gets a healthy chop down to 9.1. Final Leader board...

CSS: 38pts (25/41 players were in the buffer today).

The Winter Competition winner is Martin Heinrich with a score of 120pts ahead of Ollie Griffin on 117pts. Well Done!. Final Leader board...

20 February

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 6

A chilly breeze greeted competitors but it brightened up with mild sunny periods. Rain from a couple of days ago still gave cloying mud. With a 'bucket' hole on 11 the round was a non-qualifier for handicapping.

Richard Hodgkinson struck form with 42 points to win the 6th (of a now 7 possible) round played of the midweek winter comp. He was closely followed by a late 41 from Jack Evans and 39 from Nathan Street. Alastair Whyte continued his good form with the best 38 from Roy Evans and Henry Lindesay-Bethune. Best lady was Sheena 32. A shout-out to Gregory Jean-Baptiste for a birdie net albatross on 17 for 5 points! Results...

This was the last round for the associated Duke's Eclectic which saw Brett Colley wining on 65.5 from Toby Hunt and Henry Lindesay-Bethune both 67.5 (software shows Toby 2nd on 'countback' last 9). Final Leader board...

In the Winter Competition Mike Jones continues to lead on 116 now from Richard Hodgkinson 114 but don't discount the in-form Evanses (Roy and Jack) who only need 39/41 to pass Mike's current score on Prince's final round. R6 Leader board...

17 February

Winter Comp Rd 7 / Dukes Eclectic Rd 4


The weather might have been bright & mild for February, but it didn't help the ladies much. The course might have been significantly shorter for the men, but the ladies were still off their tees with the lack of run expected at this time of year.

CSS moved by 3 to 33 points at which point four ladies were in their buffer zones, so it was 0.1 back for everyone else. Winner of the last round of the eclectic was Jayne Maxwell with 33 points, beating Angela Flynn by 1 point. Results...

The winner of the Eclectic was Val Riziotis, who improved her leading score of the previous round to win with a net 71. Final Leader board...


Mild weather and forward tees were a nice set-up for a large field. In the end 17 of the 46 players remained in their buffer. No idea where Nigel Ward went on holiday but the break did have its effect. 43pts ((21 out and 22 in) made him the runaway winner today. Nigel's handicap gets cut a massive 2.1 strokes to 13. Steady Brian McMahon played an excellent back 9 (22pts) to claim 2nd with 40pts. Richard Owen nearly emulated Brian. But his 21pts on the back 9 means he has to settle for 3rd. George Taylor matched Richard Owen's score but the countback rule puts him into 4th. Countback rule also had to separate the large group of players on 36pts. 5th place goes to Martin Heinrich and 6th goes to Simon Malin. Results...

CSS: 36pts

Winter Competition: Nigel's fantastic score today vaults him into the lead with 115pts. Still all to play for in next week's round. R7 Leader board...

Duke's Eclectic: Three players finished on net 62. Countback makes Pete Harrison the winner of this series. Final Leader board...

13 February

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 5

The promised mild, dry and sunny conditions prevailed enhancing scoring opportunities. Continuing improver Adil Lalani took advantage to win with 43 points earning a two shot reduction in handicap. A creditable 41 points from consistent Bruno took second place with Stephen Haworth returning best 40 on countback from Mike Jones. Jim Fogarty, Roy Evans and John Maxwell. CSS was one above SSS 37 at 38 points. Ladies returned 2 of the 3 'Twos' - Sheena and Alison. Results...

This was the 5th round played of the Winter Competition with two remaining, with the requirement that at least one round on each course to be played. Mike Jones leads on 116 from Jim Fogarty 109. R5 Leader board...

In the associated Prince's Eclectic with one round left, Brett Colley 59.5 leads Bruno 62.0. R3 Leader board...

10 February

Winter Comp Rd 6 / Princes Eclectic Rd 3


The start sheet showed another good turn out from the ladies for a Sunday in February, however nearly a third never made the first tee, presumably deterred by the weather forecast. In the event it was the underfoot conditions that were more challenging following the rain during the week.

Tenesi Karakaneva made the best of the conditions with a 35 to take first place today with Fiona Coombe three back in second spot. As such CSS was increased by 2 to 35 and these two were the only ones not to get 0.1 back. Results...

In the penultimate round of the Eclectic, Habe maintains her lead but there was a good shuffle of names behind her with Cheryl moving into second place. Habe improved her score by three shots today. R3 Leader board...


Threatened heavy rain did not materialise allowing some good scoring and CSS elevated 1 from SSS 37 to 38 points.

Congrats to Tamas who held on through back 9 (22 points) for 41 points to secure victory in round 6 from Martin Heinrich 40. A prile of 39s from Ollie Maskell, Pete Harrison and Sean O'Sullivan completed the five breaking CSS. Tamas and Martin earn handicap reductions. Results...

In the Winter Competition Round 6 itself (attached being best 3 from 8 with minimum one round from each course) James Anslow leads 114 points form Pete Harrison, Martin Heinrich and Ollie Griffin all 112. R6 Leader board...

Finally, in Round 3 of the Prince's Eclectic the leader is Ollie Griffin 61 from Roger Rojas and Kerry Sargeant 62. R3 Leader board...

7 February

Annual Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions are due on 1st February. The rate remains unchanged at £50.

Please check this recent Committee Notice for details and payment options.

6 February

Midweek Medal

Heavy overnight rain meant 3 temporary greens (and large holes) and play from mats (from driving range?). Yellow tees. But the weather was calm, mild and dry with some very good scoring. Jim Fogarty had a strong front 9 in his 64 but Alastair Whyte had the stronger back 9 to win on countback. Well done to Alastair for what I believe is his first medal. Results...

A tidy and consistent 69 from Bruno earned best gross in this non-qualifying round for handicap. Midweek birdie tree...

3 February

Monthly Medal / Team event


Not knowing who might turn up if the courses were open after the sub-zero temperatures of the last few days, the ladies event was decided in the morning when in fact everyone turned up, plus an extra who hadn't booked. The decision was another Texas scramble with the added option to tee up shots on the fairway to assist the injured amongst us - though drivers were banned in this instance!

Overhead it was another fabulous crisp & mostly sunny morning, underfoot it started as frozen making clubbing somewhat tricky and producing as expected some strange bounces. By halfway, things had changed for holes in the sun.

Given the conditions it was quite surprising the number of birdies recorded compared with previous scrambles and all 3 teams were well under par after 18 holes.

The team of 4 of Alison, Sheena, Tenesi & Jess, playing as a visitor, were the winners with a 63.1 that included 4 birdies and just 3 bogeys. Interestingly, all 3 teams birdied the 18th, a hole that can be the nemesis of many a good round. Results...


A reduced field faced a winter onslaught. Given that both courses were closed 24h earlier it came as no surprise that today's conditions proved challenging to put it mildly. The extra roll from the frozen fairways was offset by unpredictable greens. Chipping onto the greens was also very tricky. The Competition Committee decided to make today's competition a Non-Qualifer.

Bruno Clerckx had already proved his skills in the rain. He can now claim the crown as best ice golfer of the day. His victory was largely due to a well managed back 9. 39 strokes on the way in offset a more volatile front 9. Tony Kopczak played solid golf during 14 holes. But a severe brain freeze sent him on his way to a score of 71 net. He'd probably like to have the last 4 holes back. The MoC/Secretary Peter Harrington posted a solid 73 net to claim 3rd place. Damian Hackett did a little better than the Irish rugby team and finishes 4th. My money would've been on a Northerner to thrive in these conditions. But Tony saved the Scandi honour with a 5th place. Alan King completes the Top6. Results... 


30 January

Midweek Sweep

Early frost and ice gave way to a lovely sunny day with no wind. Late morning competitors experienced a graupel shower and looked in vain with the sun shining for a graupel-bow.

Scoring conditions were enhanced as a result with CSS being raised to SSS + 1 = 38 points. In the last game Roy Evans romped home with 44 points (and severe surgery to his handicap 15->13) with Brian Ransom 2nd 40 points. First lady Cheryl Woodhouse was beaten into 3rd on back 9 countback but is mentioned in despatches recording a 'Two' and of course handicap reduction 22-> 21. Results...

Secretary Peter Harrington crafted a mild draw to 8 feet on the long par three 14 to post a birdie and a 'Two'. Welcome back to play for Ted Holt who also recorded a 'Two' at 4th. Midweek birdie tree...

27 January

Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held at the clubhouse after the morning round with the usual officer reports and discussions.

For easy reference click for the Secretary's Report for 2018 and the newly installed 2019 Committee.

27 January

Winter Comp Rd 5 / Princes Eclectic Rd 2


Very different conditions from last week saw the ladies record the first QRO of the winter season. A combination of a strong wind and a wet course after the rain of yesterday presumably the reason that 32 was the highest score. Susan Smith's 19 points on the back 9 was enough to pip Angela Flynn despite her recording two birdie 2s in her 32 points. Results...

Although Habe remains at the top in the Eclectic, things have got a lot tighter after the second round and Lia is just 1.5 shots behind. R2 Leader board...


The weather certainly didn't help today. Rain of the last days created a good bit of mud and casual water. Add strong winds and rain around midday and you have all the ingredients for a round of winter golf.

Richard Owen certainly came prepared for today's round. In the run-up to today's comp he "bended" the rules a bit. Reportedly he also enjoyed a few good bounces (from certain trees). To be fair he took the opportunities when they presented themselves. 21pts on the front 9 (with a no score on the 7th - which due to the cold temperatures and head wind played like a par 6 today) set him up for a solid back 9. The nerves started appearing on the 18th (a thinned chip from behind the green confirms that). But he miraculously walked off with a par to close on 40pts. Richard's handicap goes straight back to 12. Nigel Ward played a solid round on Prince's again but he was outdone by the smallest of margins on the front and back 9. 38pts is enough for 2nd though. Keith Cassidy and Kerry Sargeant both recorded 37's to take 3rd and 4th respectively. Ollie Griffin and Brian McMahon complete the Top6. Results...

CSS: 37pts (9/35 in the buffer)

Ollie Griffin had a good day on a few other fronts:

23 January

Midweek Sweep

Lying snow from a 'heavy dusting' rendered the course sometimes unplayable and the round was treated as a social non-qualifying round for handicap.

Later competitors Jack Evans and Dylan Merchant had amazing 39 and 34 points respectively for the round and associated sweep with Sean Thomas third 33 points. Results...

20 January

Winter Comp Rd 4 / Dukes Eclectic Rd 3


Amazing results from an unprecedented number of ladies in mid-winter & the weather was also pretty amazing and so much nicer than forecast. Of course lack of wind and having fairways that were not soggy bogs can only have helped.

Lia Donath had a very steady 19 points out and 20 back to beat Susan by some 5 points but was fortunate that her lack of signature was spotted before leaving. Her short game was definitely on form today - one putting definitely helps the scoring. Results...

In the accompanying Eclectic, Lia might have beaten the rest by some margin - but last week's order remains the same. A matter of picking the right holes to improve your score on & Val and Cheryl both improved their scores by 5, but Val maintains a 3 shot advantage with one round to go. R3 Leader board...


Looks like the field dealt pretty well with the cooler conditions. Four players managed to record a score of 39pts. A Par-Par-Birdie finish vaults James Anslow into 1st place. Over that span of 3 holes he nearly doubled his tally on the back 9. Not much you can do against that. James' handicap drops to 16. Martin Heinrich's solid round (20pts out and 19pts in) earns him 2nd place and a new handicap of 17. The back-up handicap secretary's round was a bit more volatile: 22pts out but only 4pts on the last 3 holes prevented him from finishing higher than 3rd. Last of the 39 gang was Ollie Griffin. But just like the player ahead of him he struggled on the way in (FYI: he went out in level par aka 23pts). Three players finished on 37pts: Barry Page. Chris Lordan and Caleb Mills - who quite shockingly decided to rock up in long trousers! 16 out of 42 players remained in their buffer impacting CSS. Results...

CSS: 37pts

Winter Competition: 1st) Ollie Griffin (108), 2) Tamas Ladacs (103), 3) Peter Needham (103), 4) PHarrington (101), 5) Pete Harrison (101) 6) Chris Lordan (100). R4 Leader board...

Duke's Eclectic: Pete Harrison (62), Chris Lordan (63), Oliver Maskell (65), Ollie Griffin (65), Kim Chaffart (66). R3 Leader board...

16 January

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 4

Grey and at times windy conditions prevailed and for the mid-morning competitors the forecast rain/drizzle finally arrived.

Scoring was average overall with CSS=SSS 37 points but Jim Fogarty eased further into the Wednesday scene with a commendable 39 to win round 4 of the midweek winter competition. New member Charlie Forrest and best lady Sheena Harrington followed with 38s. Both Jim and Sheena are cut a shot. Results...

In the midweek Prince's Eclectic Hassan Mouilah leads with net 65.0 with midweek captain Kim Chaffert tied second with John Curry 68.0. R2 Leader board...

The midweek Winter Competition is led by Mike Jones 105 from Sheena and John 102. R4 Leader board...

13 January

Monthly Medal / Team event


Another good turn out for the ladies' team event which was another Texas scramble (a bit of a favourite for many). The winning team was Maureen, Fiona, Habe & Jane with a gross 71 and net 63.1. Conditions underfoot were considerably drier than for last month's event, but the wind did its best, picking up as the round went on. However, it obviously wasn't too tricky with 5 more birdies recorded than last month. Interestingly the 15th was the only hole that all 4 teams recorded a par on. Results...


Conditions were quite testing. Mud (again), cooler temperatures and winds that grew stronger during the course of the day proved a bit too much for most of the field.

Luke Baker is keeping up his excellent form (who awarded him an initial handicap of 20?). A consistent round of golf (43 out and 44 in) is enough for Net 66 and 1st place today. Luke's competition handicap drops to 17. Looks like the nerves got the better of him on the last hole. An untidy 7 prevented him from adding even more cachet to his win. Four players recorded Net 68's. The countback rule fills up places 2 to 5 in the following order: Nigel Ward, Brian McMahon, Tamas Ladacs and Jim Fogarty (an unfortunate finish on the 18th prevented Jim from moving clear of the band of 68). Toby was the 1st of a group finishing on 69. Pete Harrison recorded the lowest Gross Score. And Peter Jagger netted an excellent 2 on the 16th. Other golfing highlights were very rare. It will come as no surprise that CSS rose to 68. Results...

You are not mistaken if you heard a lot shouts of Fore. They all came from Mike Shabani who had a clear preference to the left side of the course (aka a severe case of the hooks). Finally one member doesn't seem to like the new drop rule. According to him it is the "gayest" way of dropping a ball.

CSS: 68 (as mentioned above)

9 January

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 3

Cold conditions prevailed, especially for holes into the wind. Some odd spits and spots (first rain for what must be getting on for a month) meant continuing cloying mud. Sean Thamas mastered the conditions with 39 points to win and recorded the day's only 'Two' and the two birdies on back 9 helped 21 on the difficult back 9. James Anslow fought valiantly for 37 points and was followed by the trio of Messrs. Evans, Shabani and Mouilah on what proved to be a reduced CSS of 35 points. Best lady was Sheena Harrington 34 points. Results...

In the associated Midweek Winter Competition after 3 rounds Mike Jones leads 105 from Oliver Khan 97. R3 Leader board...

Meanwhile in the Duke's Eclectic Philip Taggart net 70.0  leads Hassan Mouilah and John Curry nett 71.0s. R2 Leader board...

6 January

Winter Comp Rd 3 / Dukes Eclectic Rd 2


The relatively benign conditions for the first week of January saw 15 ladies venture forth and the gloom of the first few holes gave way to a sunny afternoon. Whilst a good number struggled to score, at least on both 9s, Susan Smith had no problem. Frequently out-driving her playing partners with her 3-wood she was equally good with her approach shots. Although her driving skills deserted her for a few holes on the back 9, she still managed 18 points, which together with the 20 on the front 9, gave her a four shot victory today and a 0.6 handicap cut. Results...

CSS remained at 36.

In the associated Eclectic report due soon. R2 Leader board...


Competitors who use trolleys probably wasted a lot of time clearing up the mud they took home. Greens could've offered better/truer rolls. But all in all conditions turned out to be relatively fine. Scoring on the other hand was not very good. CSS decreased to 35pts. Even with the CSS adjustment only 13 of the 40 competitors remained in their buffers.

Mike Shabani was Houdini today. He pulled off escape after escape. On numerous occasions he was hitting shots from "wrong" fairways (needless to say that this didn't improve the speed of play). A steady front 9 was followed by an excellent 21pts on the way in. Well deserved victory and 0.8 handicap cut are his rewards. Three birdies sent Oliver Maskell on his way to 37pts and 2nd place. Fatherhood/lack of sleep didn't prevent Caleb Mills from taking 3rd place with a commendable 36pts. Jay Barker, James Shine and Lee Marshall (whoever recorded Lee's score did a pretty awful job. The recorded score of Keith Cassidy could've been better too ...) complete the Top6. Results...

Pete Harrison recorded 3 birdies. Enough to take the lead in the Duke's Eclectic with a Net 66 (ahead of Oliver Maskell and Barry Page). R2 Leader board...

In the associated Winter Competition - report due soon. R3 Leader board...

2 January

Midweek Monthly Medal

A decidedly chilly start to the first Medal of 2019 greeted competitors. Whilst no rain had fallen for a week, mud cloyed to trollies and shoes. Carl Latham fulfilled a New Year resolution winning the medal and being cut - well done Carl. Jim Fogarty and Chris Philips-Jones fought valiantly for 67s - CSS and SSS for the course on the day. Congrats also to Philip Taggart for best gross- 79. Results...

Students of handicapping will notice that Oliver Maskell NR'd but did not get raised .1 - how come? A: he dropped just 4 shots but NR'd at 14; a net double bogey was assigned for handicapping at this par 4 SI 12 hole (6 since he gets no shot at the hole) therefore an overall net differential of 4+2=6 being within his buffer zone. Moral: always return your card.