Golf suspended

Earlier tonight I drafted a message giving details of new operational procedures that we had planned to introduce this Wednesday, but at 8:30 my message became obsolete before I could reach the send button.

We are all confined to quarters for at least three weeks and some will be obliged to adhere to the twelve week isolation period.

If there is a relaxation of the confinement conditions in three weeks and Glendale is able to reopen for business our earliest possible event will be after Easter on Wednesday 15th April, but it would be highly optimistic to assume that golf on this date will be possible. During this interregnum we will maintain contact with Glendale, after all, there is not much else to do.

When we are able to resume the Club's competitions we will be implementing a cashless method of payments for the competition and sweep entries. This was already under discussion but recent events make this not only highly desirable but probably a necessity for the foreseeable future. Details of how this will work will be shared with you when we know the restart date. In the meanwhile, we will remove the next few weeks of activity on MS and at the appropriate time we will review the fixture programme.

As always, I'm here to try and answer any queries.

Keep safe and healthy.

Peter Harrington
23 March 2020