The player shall:


13.1  Have one handicap only which shall be allotted and adjusted by his Home Club and, if so required, produce a Handicap Certificate.  That handicap shall apply elsewhere including other clubs of which the player is a Member.

13.2  If he is a Member of more than one Affiliated Club, select one as his Home Club and notify that club and the others of his choice.

13.3  Not change his Home Club except by giving advance notice of the change which can take effect only at the end of a calendar year unless he has ceased to he a Member of his Home Club or both clubs agree to the change taking place at an earlier date.

13.4  Report to his Home Club the names of all other Affiliated Clubs of which he is, becomes or ceases to be a Member and report to all other Affiliated Clubs of which he is a Member:

(a)     The name of his Home Club and any changes of his Home Club and

(h)     Alterations to his Playing Handicap made by his Home Club.

13.5  Ensure that before competing in a Qualifying Competition his entry has been inserted in the competition entry list, manually or by computer as required.

13.6  Ensure that all competition cards in Qualifying Competitions, whether or not complete, are returned to the organising committee, and make such computer entries as may be required - (see Decision 17).

13.7  Report to his Home Club as soon as practicable all Qualifying Scores (including No Returns) returned away from his Home Club advising the Home Club of the date of the Qualifying Competition, the venue, Standard Scratch Score and the Competition Scratch Score together with the following:

(a)   After a Stroke Play Qualifying Competition the gross score returned and such further information as shall be required by the Home Club.

(b)   After a Par Qualifying Competition the par of the course and the score versus par.

(c)   After a Stableford Qualifying Competition the par of the course and the number of points scored.

Note 1:  Players are reminded that failure to report scores returned away from their Home Clubs (including No Returns) when so required by the System is likely to lead to the suspension of offending players' handicaps under the provisions of clause 17.

Note 2:  In the event of a Qualifying Competition being declared abandoned or scores returned being deemed by clause 20 to be for Reduction Only, the player must report the above information.

13.8     If so requested authorise his Home Club to provide the Union with such information as his Union shall reasonably require to establish a National Handicap Database and also sign any relevant document which may be required to comply with or satisfy Data Protection legislation.

13.9     Prior to playing in any competition ascertain whether all appropriate reductions to Playing Handicap have been made or alternatively comply with the obligations set out in clause 16.1 1.

13.10   Enter his current Playing Handicap on all cards returned in a Qualifying Competition even though the event may not be a handicap competition.  This is to allow for the calculation of a Competition Scratch Score.

13.11   Provide to his Home Club information regarding scores in Non Qualifying Competitions if so directed by a Union - (see clause 9.3(b).