Unified Handicapping System –SAQs (Seldom Asked Questions)


Q:        I’ve heard of UHT but not UHS – what’s the basic idea?

A:         In practice it means (effective February 1 2004) bringing the ladies handicapping process [hitherto governed by the LGU] into line with the mens [governed by CONGU making up the 4 mens National Golfing Unions]. Briefly 


            The same software can be used for men or ladies. RPGC has a number of mixed competitions and the Handicapping Committee is addressing software changes in tandem with any administrative changes that may arise on a pragmatic basis.


Q:        Somebody said that UHS may not come about – is that right?


A:         The ELGA voted overwhelmingly in favour (click here for details ) and it then awaited the outcome of the ladies LGU AGM on 21 January. As expected, the LGU also voted overwhelmingly in favour click here for an early report .


Q:        I know that RPGC runs a number of mixed competitions and heard a rumour that the prescribed method of determining stableford mixed competitions was to add/deduct points at the end per the Par/SSS differentials men/ladies. Surely a mistake? Also, I’d often wondered how the order in a competition was decided with tied scores.


A:         Correct, CONGU do make such a suggestion in Decision 20. It’s daft, arbitrary and makes determination of winning order with same points a lottery –the booklet may be republished with a more sensible suggestion in due course.

            However, RPGC will not be adopting the suggestion and will employ same method as now i.e.


Q:        I’m aware of my responsibilities as a player (Clause 13 from memory) for reporting any Qualifying Scores to RPGC as my Home Club. Presumably this requirement still exists and with UHS men and ladies have same responsibility? Previously I’ve called Paul G/given him details on paper/email.


A:         Spot on. Responsibilities for reporting away scores apply to both ladies and men in the same way. Technically,  Non Qualifying Competition scores should also be reported – but these can be restricted to scores where you bettered the CSS and would be taken into account under Clause 19 General Play adjustments. What should definitely be reported are Qualifying Scores and whilst ‘phone calls / (sometimes illegible) scraps of paper to Paul G/Julie S would be acceptable, there is now a handy form on-line to complete which sends email direct to Paul G: click here for it


Q:        I’m a bit of a reports junkie – are there any new handicap reports that come with UHS?


A:         Yes. The handicap record sheet has changed and whilst same for men and ladies now incorporates ‘identifiers’ such as QSH Qualifying Stableford Home, GPA General Play Adjustment etc. Ahead of time, the Handicapping Committee has prepared these records for 2003 which are available by clicking here – the file is bookmarked in .pdf format approx 700Kb and you’ll need Adobe Acrobat 6.0 - click here. There’s also a summary report (similar to the LGU Appendix H11) available here


Q:        Now that I understand about UHS, what was CHS? And I thought Slope was the only other handicapping system?

            CHS (Centralised Handicapping System [Database]) stalled in 2003 due to lack of interest from clubs and had as its main objective the centralised recording of handicaps nationwide and supposed purchasing benefits via an associated credit/smart card.


            Slope is the handicapping system used by most other countries in the world. This link from The Pope of Slope website explains it and on technical grounds would be more suited to a centralised handicap database. Slope has many merits and goes hand in hand with the Course Rating system; but we in the UK must live with CONGU and SSS.