Club Championship Format & Rules - Men
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  • The format for the main competition is 36 hole strokeplay with no shot allowance (i.e. scratch).
  • The Club Championship is divided into two divisions where the senior division is for players with handicap 16 and below and the junior division is for players with handicap 17 and above.
  • There is a handicap prize which is based on the best net scores of the two rounds.


  • The order of play in the Club Championship is strict. For the first week of the Championship the entrants will play in handicap order commencing with the lowest handicapped players and increasing thereafter. The exceptions to this rule shall be the bookings officers who may play out of sequence, but not in a position higher than their handicap would naturally permit.
  • For the second week of the event the 8 leading players in the senior division shall play in the first two games in result order, and the 8 leading players in the junior division shall play in games three and four, again in result order.
  • For week two, the bookings officers shall not be exempted from playing in the first four games if they qualify accordingly.
  • The remainder of the games for the second week shall be played in a decreasing handicap order with the lowest handicappers playing last.


  • The menís Club Championship is the one event in the year where it is necessary to book for both rounds of the competition. Members who turn up to play on the day may enter the sweep for the day but will not be able to enter the Club Championship. Telephone or email bookings for either Sunday will be accepted up to and including the preceding Friday.
  • Any participant who is late arriving and fails to play at the time that his game is called by the booking officer shall incur a penalty of two strokes.

If you should have any query concerning the above please contact Jon Cooper or Peter Harrington.

Peter Harrington
7th June 2005