Previous Years

In this section you will find links to Club information from previous years.
If you have information that you would like to see published in this section please contact the Editor.

The Club tries to collect and maintain as much information as possible on activities, people, history, events, competitions and match results from previous years. We approach it in four ways:
  1. The complete Club web site from previous years is retained and made available as part of our history. Each previous year can be viewed in entirety. Additionally, a link appears on many pages where an equivalent page is available from an adjacent year so that quick comparisons with other years is possible. This detailed record starts from 2002.
    Previous Club web sites: 2020  2019  2018  2017  2016  2015  2014  2013  2012  2011  2010  2009  2008  2007  2006  2005  2004  2003  2002
  2. The Club newsletter, The Richmond Park Recorder, is also retained and made available as current and past copies.
  3. The Honours Boards, showing results of all our main competitions over the years, are available here.
  4. Additionally we try to collect as much other information as we can, including pictures, anecdotes, artefacts, etc, and make that available in a section on Members History. Please check back soon for news on when this section will be available.

If you have information on previous years that you would like to see made available on the Club web site, please contact the Editor.